A.J. Hinch says Michael Lorenzen no-hitter proves Detroit Tigers player development

A.J. Hinch spoke to reporters prior to today's game and he used the Michael Lorenzen no-hitter as an example of how the Detroit Tigers player development is working.

A.J. Hinch says Michael Lorenzen no-hitter proves Detroit Tigers player development

Completing the 14th no-hitter in Philadelphia Phillies history was a significant moment for Michael Lorenzen, and it left Detroit Tigers manager A.J. Hinch beaming with pride. The achievement, in Lorenzen's second start post-trade from the Tigers, is more than just about the player – it's a testament to the Detroit Tigers player development commitment at the Major-League level. Not just in pitching, but across all facets.

“When he started to talking about simplifying his approach yesterday and just trusting J.T. Realmuto to just call pitches, there's a little small tear that came on my face,” Hinch said on Thursday.

“That was like, we did it! We did it!”

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Hinch says Michael Lorenzen no-hitter proves Detroit Tigers player development

After signing a one-year deal with the Tigers following a season with the Los Angeles Angels, Lorenzen made remarkable strides in Detroit. His journey is a beacon of hope and change, reminding everyone that growth and transformation in sports can be positive. Hinch further emphasized that this commitment isn't reserved for young upcoming prospects; it's a culture embedded deep within the organization.

“He came here, he wanted to get better, he got better, he got rewarded with the All-Star nod, and then now he's pitching towards the playoffs,” Hinch said. “We want that pitching toward the playoffs part to be here in Detroit, but the overall commitment to making players better at this level — it's a prime example.

“And it doesn't have to only be on the pitching side. I think that it gets a lot of attention based on Michael, but when you sign here, when you come up through our minor leagues, or when you get here, development at the Major League level is real.”

“It doesn't have to be just for the young prospect who comes up,” Hinch said. “Something like (Spencer Torkelson or Riley Greene) the last couple of years, Akil (Baddoo) is a Rule 5 pick. The next wave of prospects that are coming, there's a real commitment to pushing players here. And I think when you have a success story like that with Michael, it just gives you more energy as a coach or as a staff member or as an organization to continue to preach that.

“We should never not try to get better. Miguel (Cabrera had) three hits yesterday, he's gonna still be trying to get better at 40 years old. I think that accomplishment by a guy like Mike is a good reminder for us.”

Michael Lorenzen no-hitter Detroit Tigers Player development Phillies A.J. Hinch

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Michael Lorenzen completes 14th no-hitter for the Phillies after trade from Detroit Tigers.
  2. A.J. Hinch lauds the Tigers' commitment to player development at the Major-League level.
  3. Lorenzen's journey exemplifies the transformative power of the Tigers' training and mentorship.

Bottom Line: Detroit Tigers Player Development Commitment

Detroit Tigers' investment in nurturing talent isn't limited to just the pitchers. Lorenzen's story is illustrative of this very commitment. When players sign with Detroit, be it after coming up through their minor leagues or otherwise, there's a tangible focus on development. It's not about the early-stage prospect; it's about every player, irrespective of where they are in their career. A success like Lorenzen's reiterates the importance of constant growth and learning. As A.J. Hinch pointed out, even seasoned players like Miguel Cabrera strive for betterment, no matter their age or accolades.


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