Aaron Rodgers joins Pat McAfee, outdoes Lebron’s douchery with ‘the decision’

In case you have not yet heard (sarcasm), there has been a plethora of speculation about where Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers will play in 2023. There has been plenty of debate about whether he will stay with the Packers, get traded to the New York Jets, or shock everyone and make the decision to retire from the NFL. On Wednesday, Rodgers joined the crew on the Pat McAfee Show and he revealed that it is his intention to play for the Jets. In typical Rodgers fashion, he came across as a complete douchebag, similar to when LeBron James announced “The Decision” years ago.

Note: More will be added to this article as Rodgers' interview goes on…

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Key Points:

  • Speculation about Rodgers' future team has been widespread.
  • There are three main options being debated: staying with the Packers, getting traded to the Jets, or retiring from the NFL altogether.
  • On Wednesday, Rodgers made an appearance on the Pat McAfee Show.
  • Rodgers said his intention is to play for the New York Jets

Aaron Rodgers talks about his future on the Pat McAfee Show

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Here is a list of some of the things Rodgers said to McAfee:

  • He was very ready to “come out of the darkness” by the time Day 4 arrived
  • He was able to contemplate retirement or to continue playing
  • Rodgers said there is some information out there that is true, some not true, and some partly true
  • Rodgers said this is “not a decision day” because the decision has already happened
  • “In 2020, they (Packers) drafted Jordan to replace me.”
  • Rodgers said that is the Way Green Bay likes to do things, they like to get rid of players a year early rather than a year late.
  • Rodgers said “something changed” with the Packers when he came out of the darkness. “There had been a little bit of shift”.
  • Going into the darkness, Rodgers was 90% sure he was retiring
  • The Packers granted Jets permission to talk with Rodgers
  • My intention is to play for the New York Jets
  • It is not me who is holding anything up, it is the Packers who are trying to get as much as possible for him.
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