Adam Schefter talks about Detroit Lions’ potential contract extension for Jared Goff

Do you think the Detroit Lions should offer Jared Goff a contract extension now, or should they wait? Find out what Adam Schefter thinks the Lions should do.

NFL insider Adam Schefter has shared his thoughts on the possibility of the Detroit Lions offering quarterback Jared Goff a contract extension. Schefter suggests that the Lions should allow the upcoming season to unfold before committing to a long-term deal, despite the potential financial implications.

Jared Goff Detroit Lions Adam Schefter

Key Points

  • Schefter advises the Lions to let the 2023 season play out before considering a contract extension for Goff.
  • Both the Lions and Goff have expressed satisfaction with their current partnership.
  • Goff's exceptional performance in 2022 positions him for a potentially lucrative contract offer if he maintains his success in 2023.

Adam Schefter talks about the Lions' potential contract extension for Goff

Goff, who had an impressive performance last season and still has two years remaining on his current contract, has developed a strong rapport with the Lions. While the team is pleased with his contributions, Schefter emphasizes the importance of assessing Goff's continued success before making a substantial commitment. This cautious approach could ultimately benefit both parties in the long run.

“They’re really happy with him and he’s really happy with them,” Schefter said on 97.1 The Ticket. “It seems to have been a great marriage right now. I don’t know if there’s any rush on the Lions’ part to go do that. Maybe it will cost them more in the end, but maybe that’s the better, safer play, to see how that works out. So I don’t think there’s any rush. The bottom line is, I think both sides are very happy to have found each other so far.”

Bottom Line – Timing Is Key in Contract Negotiations

Navigating contract extensions in the NFL involves careful consideration of various factors, including a player's performance, team dynamics, and financial implications. Adam Schefter's viewpoint aligns with a cautious approach, urging the Lions to exercise patience before committing to a long-term extension for Jared Goff. While there may be potential financial consequences in waiting, this strategy allows the Lions to gauge Goff's consistency and determine if his success in the previous season carries over. Ultimately, timing is crucial in ensuring both the player and the team are aligned for long-term success. By observing Goff's performance in the upcoming season, the Lions can make an informed decision that benefits all parties involved.