Ahead of Detroit Red Wings debut, Patrick Kane aims to give fans ‘good vibes’

Patrick Kane lays out his goals ahead of his Detroit Red Wings debut tonight at Little Caesars Arena!

Patrick Kane lays out his goals ahead of his Detroit Red Wings debut tonight at Little Caesars Arena!

Tonight marks the highly anticipated debut of newly-signed Detroit Red Wings forward Patrick Kane, a three-time Stanley Cup champion, future Hall of Famer, and who is widely regarded as the best US-born forward in NHL history. Despite his seasoned career, Kane admits to feeling a few jitters but aims to deliver ‘good vibes' to the fans attending tonight's game at Little Caesars Arena.

Detroit Red Wings debut

Kane isn't above feeling pre-game jitters

Kane, now part of his third Original 6 team, admitted to experiencing a hint of nervousness ahead of his debut with the new squad—a feeling reminiscent of when he was traded to the New York Rangers last season.

“I remember last year when I went to New York, the first game there,” Kane explained. “It’s a change of scenery, it’s an energetic crowd. People are there to see you perform.

“You want to give the fans good vibes and also show off for your teammates. All these guys have been playing great, they’ve been on a good run of late. I want to play well for them.”

However, he's just going to go about his business and let the rest take care of itself.

“I try not to think too much about expectations, or what I’ve done in the past, or how long I’ve been off,” Kane said. “I’m just going to go out and play the game. Try to get better every shift and every time I touch the puck and hopefully good things will come.

“For now I’m not gonna put too much pressure on myself and try to do the best I can right away. I think over time we’ll get to that level.”

Detroit Red Wings left upset

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The highly anticipated Detroit Red Wings debut of Patrick Kane will take place tonight at Little Caesars Arena.
  2. Kane acknowledged feeling a touch of nerves before his inaugural game with the new team.
  3. However, he emphasized focusing on his best performance without overthinking it, aiming to deliver positive energy to the fans as he strives to give his all on the ice.

Bottom Line: Showtime!

Kane, often dubbed ‘Showtime' for his electrifying on-ice performances throughout his illustrious Hall of Fame career, is eagerly anticipated by Red Wings fans, particularly following his recovery from hip resurfacing surgery.

The Red Wings face off against the San Jose Sharks tonight at 7:00 PM, airing live on Bally Sports Detroit with radio coverage available on 97.1 The Ticket