Amon-Ra St. Brown says he was one pump away from drawing a flag vs. Chiefs

Amon-Ra St. Brown says he was one pump away from drawing a flag vs. Chiefs: The NO FUN LEAGUE is at it again!

Amon-Ra St. Brown says he was one pump away from drawing a flag vs. Chiefs

In the world of NFL celebrations, touchdown dances often add an extra layer of excitement to the game. However, some celebrations can teeter on the edge of what's allowed, and Detroit Lions wide receiver Amon-Ra St. Brown recently found himself in a memorable situation after scoring a touchdown against the Kansas City Chiefs. In fact, according to St. Brown, he was one “pump” away from drawing a flag.

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Why it Matters

During the Lions' thrilling 21-20 victory over the defending Super Bowl champions, St. Brown's touchdown dance drew attention for its resemblance to a famous comedy sketch from Key & Peele. In the sketch, an official meticulously counts the number of “pumps” executed by a player named Hingle McCringleberry after scoring a touchdown. St. Brown's celebration had a similar vibe, prompting curiosity about whether it would lead to a flag for excessive celebration.

What did Amon-Ra St. Brown Say?

On the St. Brown Brothers podcast, Amon-Ra shared the behind-the-scenes story of his touchdown celebration. He recounted, “I hit it, boom, no flag, I get to the sideline, sit down, celebrate boom,” St. Brown said on the podcast. “And then my receiver coach (Antwaan Randle-El) is like, ‘Hey St., one more time and they said they were gonna throw the flag. I'm like, it's done now; I got it off. Ain't no more pumps.' Apparently, the ref told our head coach that if he does one more pump, then we'll throw the flag, and then he told our receiver guards, and he told me.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' Amon-Ra St. Brown's touchdown dance raised eyebrows, reminiscent of a famous comedy sketch.
  2. St. Brown shares the story behind the celebration, revealing that he narrowly avoided a flag for excessive celebration.
  3. NFL officials' close scrutiny of celebrations highlights the league's attention to detail.

Bottom Line – NFL (No Fun League)

If Amon-Ra gets fined for his TD celebration against the Chiefs, I may lose my crap on the NFL (No Fun League). The league continues to be extremely petty about TD celebrations, and it has to stop. These are grown men who are having fun playing a game they love, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with them celebrating a score.