Amon-Ra St. Brown’s Unbelievable Play: 106 Receptions In 2 Years

Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s Unbelievable Play: St. Brown, wide receiver for the Detroit Lions, made one of the most memorable catches of the year during Week 18's game against the Green Bay Packers. The catch, which he managed to squeeze between his legs on first-and-10 with three minutes left in the fourth quarter, played a crucial role in the Lions' 20-16 win.

Why Amon-Ra St. Brown's Unbelievable Play Matters

In addition to being an important play in the game, Amon-Ra St. Brown‘s catch gave him a share of the record for the most receptions by a wide receiver in the NFL's first two seasons. This notable accomplishment highlights his receiver prowess. The play also demonstrated his capacity to play the ball with assurance in challenging circumstances.

  • Ties for most receptions in NFL history by a wideout in first two seasons.
  • Showcases St. Brown's skill and abilities as a receiver.
  • Highlighted St. Brown's ability to make confident plays on the ball, even in difficult situations.

St. Brown By the Numbers

 Amon-Ra St. Brown's Unbelievable Play receptions Amon ra st brown stats detroit lions
Amon-Ra St. Brown Stats | ESPN
  • 106 receptions for St. Brown in his first two seasons with the Lions
  • Needed 18 receptions to beat the record
  • Tied for most receptions in NFL history by a wideout in his first two seasons.

What Amon Ra St. Brown Is Saying About The Catch

Speaking on The 33rd Team with his brother, St. Brown revealed his thoughts on the wild play that ended up playing a big role in Detroit’s big final win. As he explained, he knew from the start that he had the ball the whole time.

“That last catch, I first dropped it. It was an easy catch. I could have made it way easier. It was a little crossing route. It hit my hands, I dropped it. Then for some reason, it’s laying on my leg and then sat there. Darnell Savage was behind me, it hit him and stayed on my leg. I knew the whole time that it never hit the ground,” St. Brown said on the show.

“As I was getting up I grabbed it and when I was sitting down, you see me, I’m like ‘catch, catch.’ If they were to rule that incomplete I would have told Dan (Campbell) ‘throw the challenge flag. I know it was a catch, it never hit the ground.”

St. Brown also shared that he didn't realize he was in play for the statistical honor of most receptions in NFL history by a wideout in his first two seasons in the league until later on in the season. Once he was, he explained that he knew it would be a fight to the finish just for him to get it done.

“I didn’t find out that I was close to I think the Panthers week. We had three games left. I needed 18 receptions to beat it, so I knew that going into the Panthers game. I had like seven catches. I was like ‘okay, I need 11 more.’ Then we played the Bears. I only had like four. We started running the ball, getting at them. We’re like, ‘okay this is what we need to go into Packers and if we make a playoffs,’ so we started running it good. I get it, but I had four catches that game so I knew going into the going to the Packers game I needed seven catches to break it,” he said.


Overall, St. Brown's amazing catch in Week 18 not only changed the game for the Lions but also was a historic moment for the young wide receiver. He stands out as a terrific receiver because of his capacity to play the ball with assurance in challenging circumstances. St. Brown is a force to be reckoned with on the field, as seen by his 106 receptions for the season and tie for the most receptions by a wide receiver in NFL history in his first two seasons.

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