Analyst names Michigan coach as replacement for Mel Tucker at Michigan State

Could a Michigan coach be the replacement for Mel Tucker?

Analyst names Michigan coach as replacement for Mel Tucker at Michigan State

With the news of Michigan State University‘s intention to part ways with head coach Mel Tucker, the sports world is buzzing with speculation about his potential successor. One name that has emerged prominently is Michigan football's offensive coordinator, Sherrone Moore. ESPN analyst Greg McElroy has weighed in on this possibility, shedding light on why Moore could be a suitable candidate for the Spartans.

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Could a Michigan Coach Replace Mel Tucker?

While Moore's immediate focus remains on guiding Michigan football through the 2023 season and pursuing a national championship, the possibility of him transitioning to Michigan State's helm next year is a possibility, at least according to McElroy.

“Another one that might be in consideration is Sherrone Moore,” McElroy said. “He’s 37 years old. He was at Central Michigan for a little while and then went to Michigan in 2018 and has now become the OC. He’s put together an incredible offensive line contingent there, in winning the Joe Moore Award back-to-back years the last couple years.

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  1. Michigan State University is in search of a replacement for Mel Tucker, and Michigan football's offensive coordinator, Sherrone Moore, is a prominent candidate.
  2. ESPN analyst Greg McElroy has endorsed Moore for the MSU head coach position, citing his age and coaching achievements.
  3. While Moore is focused on Michigan's 2023 season, the possibility of him becoming Michigan State's head coach is generating buzz.
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Bottom Line – Sherrone Moore: A Rising Coaching Star

As speculation mounts about the next head coach of Michigan State, Sherrone Moore's name has come up as a possible candidate. His age, experience, and track record make him an intriguing choice. While the focus remains on the current season, the possibility of Moore taking the reins at MSU adds an extra layer of intrigue to the college football landscape.