Analyzing the Detroit Lions offensive snap counts vs. Saints

Analyzing the Detroit Lions offensive snap counts vs. Saints.

Analyzing the Detroit Lions offensive snap counts vs. Saints

In a thrilling Sunday afternoon showdown, the Detroit Lions clinched a 33-28 victory over the New Orleans Saints. A critical aspect of this win was the distribution of offensive snap counts among the players, which offered insights into the team's strategy and individual performances. Let's delve into the details of how the Lions managed their offensive lineup in this closely contested game.

Detroit Lions uniform combination Detroit Lions offensive snap counts vs. Saints

Quarterback Utilization

At the helm was quarterback Jared Goff, who took 100% of the snap counts, no surprise here.

PlayerSnap Percentage
Jared Goff58% (100%)
Teddy BridgewaterN/A

Running Backs: A Shift in Strategy

In the Detroit Lions backfield, David Montgomery led with 62% of the snaps, indicating a plan to ground-and-pound against the Saints' run defense. Despite this heavy load and an average of 3.1 yards per carry, the game plan wasn't as effective as intended. Jahmyr Gibbs, with a more efficient 7.5 yards per carry, saw action on 45% of the snaps but was limited to 10 touches.

Interestingly, Malcolm Rodriguez's defensive duties led to his absence in the fullback role, which was undertaken by Sam LaPorta. LaPorta's versatility was on full display as he adapted to this new role seamlessly while still leading the tight-end group.

PlayerSnap PercentageNotes
David Montgomery36 (62%)3.1 yards per carry on 18 rushes
Jahmyr Gibbs26 (45%)7.5 YPC, 10 touches
Craig Reynolds2 (3%)17 special teams snaps (57%)
Malcolm RodriguezN/AReduced role due to defensive duties
Sam LaPortaN/A (5 fullback reps)Took fullback duties from Rodriguez

Tight Ends: Consistency and Adaptability

The Detroit Lions tight end group remained consistent with Sam LaPorta leading at 81%, followed by Brock Wright at 40%. James Mitchell played a minor role in the offensive snaps but contributed on special teams. LaPorta’s adaptation to playing fullback, along with his regular tight end duties, was a notable highlight, reflecting the team's flexible approach.

PlayerSnap PercentageNotes
Sam LaPorta47 (81%)Also played fullback; highest production in this game
Brock Wright23 (40%)15 special teams snaps (50%)
James Mitchell3 (5%)10 special teams snaps (33%)
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Wide Receivers: Managing Snap Percentages

Amon-Ra St. Brown, usually a staple in the Detroit Lions' offensive scheme, saw a decrease in his snap percentage to 79%, his lowest since Week 2 due to injury. This shift allowed Josh Reynolds and Donovan Peoples-Jones to see increased playing time, indicating a strategic adjustment by the coaching staff. Jameson Williams also contributed significantly, while Kalif Raymond and an inactive Antoine Green rounded out the group.

PlayerSnap PercentageNotes
Amon-Ra St. Brown46 (79%)Only 2 catches on the day
Josh Reynolds44 (76%)Uptick in playing time
Jameson Williams33 (57%)They call him SUPERMAN!
Kalif Raymond13 (22%)4 special teams snaps (13%)
Donovan Peoples-Jones12 (21%)Uptick in playing time
Antoine GreenINACTIVEHealthy scratch

Offensive Line: The Foundation of Success

The Detroit Lions offensive line was anchored by Taylor Decker, Graham Glasgow, Penei Sewell, and Jonah Jackson, each playing 100% of the snaps. Colby Sorsdal stepped in for 64% of the snaps, primarily replacing Frank Ragnow (injury) who participated in 36% of the snaps. Dan Skipper and Kayode Awosika provided additional depth, with Awosika focusing on special teams.

PlayerSnap PercentageNotes
Taylor Decker58 (100%)
Graham Glasgow58 (100%)5 special teams snaps (17%)
Penei Sewell58 (100%)5 special teams snaps (17%)
Jonah Jackson58 (100%)Returned from injury
Colby Sorsdal37 (64%)5 special teams snaps (17%)
Frank Ragnow21 (36%)Suffered an injured knee
Dan Skipper5 (9%)5 special teams snaps (17%)
Kayode Awosika0 (0%)5 special teams snaps (17%)
Taylor Decker nominated by Detroit Lions

Bottom Line

The Detroit Lions’ victory over the Saints was a well-orchestrated effort with strategic utilization of players across all offensive positions. The snap counts reveal a game plan that relied on the strengths of key players like Goff, Montgomery, and LaPorta, while also showcasing the depth and adaptability of the team. As the Lions continue their season, this game serves as a testament to their ability to effectively manage their roster and adapt to the challenges presented by formidable opponents.