Another Top-3 draft selection in play for the Detroit Tigers

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The Detroit Tigers (22-33) have three games remaining on their schedule (potentially five should they play a double-header vs. the Cardinals), and their 2021 Draft placing will soon be determined.

Every team’s placing in the draft order will be determined by this year’s results alone, rather than a combination of this season and last season.

As of now, Detroit would earn the 5th pick if the season ended today. But could they climb as high as getting the 3rd selection?

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Based on how they perform in their remaining games, they could climb as high as No. 3, or fall as low as No. 10 in the 2021 Draft.

Should they land one of the top selections, they’d potentially be able to land either Florida State OF Jud Fabian or high school SS Jordan Lawlor, two of the top projected selections.

The Tigers have landed the 1st, 5th, and 1st overall selections in the past three years, respectively.

Will you be rooting for the team to drop their remaining games in order to aid their Draft order?