Antonio Brown shares (then quickly deletes) private text from Tom Brady

Antonio Brown shared a text from Tom Brady before quickly deleting it.

Following the 2020 season, it seemed like Tom Brady and Antonio Brown were two peas in a pod. After all, they had just won a Super Bowl together with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and it seemed as if nothing could go wrong. But when Brown is in the mix, it should pretty much be expected that something will go wrong, and, not surprisingly, something did. In fact, during the 2021 season, Brown literally quit during the middle of a game against the New York Jets, and he has not played since. Now, Brown posted a photo of a tweet that was allegedly sent to him by Brady.

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What did Tom Brady text to Antonio Brown?

Here is the text that Brady allegedly sent to Brown.

“You are demonstrating very poor decisions and poor communication to so many people who have gone above and beyond to help you,” Brady wrote, according to Brown's screen shot. “You are acting selfish and unfortunately many of those people are exhausted by the erratic and unpredictable emotional behavior. When I met you, you were humble, willing to learn and anxious to improve things in your life. In a short period of time, you have done those things and accomplished some great things. And very much on the path to success long term. Unfortunately you have reverted very much back to a young immature man that is selfish, self serving, irrational and irresponsible.”

“I for one, am disappointed in many behaviors over the past few months. You have seemed to have lost that humility and that APG. You have gone from hanging around good quality people that had genuine interest in seeing you succeed, to seeing others whose lives are erratic and out of control and leading you down a negative path.”

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