Astros P Zack Greinke throws 51 mph eephus pitch, fools Tigers 1B Renato Núñez [Video]

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Hitting a round ball with a round bat is the most difficult thing to do in sports. Period.

That is especially true when MLB pitchers routinely throw the ball close to 100 mph.

So, you would think that a batter would absolutely feast on a pitch that was about half of that speed, like the 51 mph eephus pitch that Houston Astros P Zack Greinke threw Detroit Tigers 1B Renato Núñez on Monday night.

But, as you are about to see, when you are thinking fastball and a pitch comes floating in at a velocity that my 8-year-old son can throw, you freeze.

Check it out.

To be fair, everything else Greinke was trying before he was pulled from the game was not working, so why not try it?