NFL Insider predicts where Ben Johnson will coach in 2024

NFL Insider predicts where Ben Johnson will coach in 2024. Where do you think Johnson will land?

NFL Insider predicts where Ben Johnson will coach in 2024

The future of Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson has been a topic of much speculation in the NFL circles. According to NFL insider Dan Graziano, Johnson will take up the head coaching reins for the Washington Commanders in the 2024 season.

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Graziano’s Prediction: A New Era for Commanders

Dan Graziano, a respected figure in NFL journalism, predicts that Ben Johnson will be appointed as the head coach of the Washington Commanders. This prediction stems from the belief that new Commanders owner Josh Harris, alongside newly appointed GM Adam Peters, has earmarked Johnson as their primary candidate.

New Commanders owner Josh Harris already landed his top target for GM in Adam Peters. Many people around the league believe Harris has been focused on Johnson as his top choice for coach, though there are some who think Slowik and Macdonald are still possibilities.

Harris' process so far has been thorough but not slow. I believe he really wants Johnson, and he and Peters are in position to make that happen — even if it's just about getting an agreement in place that can't be finalized until after the Lions' season ends.

Why Johnson?

Ben Johnson's rise within the NFL coaching ranks has been meteoric, particularly following his transformative effect on the Detroit Lions' offense. Under his guidance, the Lions have seen a significant uptick in their offensive production, making them one of the most exciting units in the league. His innovative play-calling and ability to maximize player potential have not gone unnoticed, making him a coveted asset for teams looking to revitalize their coaching staff.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Ben Johnson as Commanders' Top Choice: NFL Insider Dan Graziano predicts that Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson will become the head coach of the Washington Commanders in 2024, citing new owner Josh Harris's interest in him as the leading candidate.
  2. Commanders' Proactive Approach: The Washington Commanders, led by Josh Harris and GM Adam Peters, have been quick and decisive in their management decisions, indicating a strong preference for Johnson to lead the team, with a possible agreement pending the end of the Lions' season.
  3. Johnson's Rising Profile: Ben Johnson's success with the Detroit Lions' offense has significantly boosted his reputation, making him a highly sought-after coaching prospect for NFL teams looking to rejuvenate their offensive strategy and team culture.

Conclusion: An Anticipated Move

The potential move of Ben Johnson to the Washington Commanders marks a significant shift in the NFL coaching landscape. Johnson, known for his offensive acumen, could bring a fresh perspective to the Commanders, catalyzing their growth and development. While the final decision hinges on the culmination of the Lions’ season, the anticipation around Johnson's future indicates his growing stature as one of the NFL's most promising coaching talents. For the Commanders, securing Johnson could be a pivotal step towards building a competitive and dynamic team in the league.