The best of Troy Weaver’s introductory press conference

Troy Weaver has been officially introduced as General Manager of the Detroit Pistons. These introductory press conferences are usually long and repetitive and even in a world where sports are on a standstill, it can be a chore to watch. We combed through the internet to bring you the best quotes from Weaver’s introduction. A very big hat tip to Rod Beard, to whom most of these tweets are attributed.

We’ll start with a cool mantra about the Pistons job being a restoration instead of a rebuild. I wonder how long Weaver had this in his back pocket. It’s not disingenuous, but it certainly plays up to the fans which all new GMs do. It doesn’t really mean anything, but it does show that Weaver has a good grasp on the history of the franchise and should appeal to many die-hards of the ‘Bad Boys’ era who never let you forget the Pistons were the ones beating down Michael Jordan in the late 80s and early 90s.

This is an interesting look into how Weaver plans to run a draft. Every GM talks about prioritizing character, but most aren’t this on the head about it. We will have to let the drafts play themselves out to see if this is lip service or not. Would the Pistons pass up on a higher ceiling talent guy to draft a guy with solid talent but is a hall of fame interviewer? Where I can see this scaring some Pistons fans is the philosophy of “character over talent” sounds very Lions-esque and that has certainly not worked out for them.

This is very close to the vest but worth mentioning. It’s not a proclamation of Christian Wood’s value to the team which would be the case if he was essential to the Pistons’ future. This could confirm that Wood’s free agency simply comes down to a number that Weaver and the rest of the front office feel comfortable offering.

Weaver had some other quotes talking about how familiar he is with Blake Griffin because of the time he spent in Oklahoma. It’s clear he’s a fan of Blake and will value him for as long as he is here. Blake has shown nothing but solidarity with the franchise since being traded to Detroit and Weaver is returning the courtesy.

Pistons Owner Tom Gores talked about how having a diverse front office was important to the team. What this should signal to the fanbase is that the rest of the front office roles will be filled not because a man or woman fits a certain description but because the Pistons genuinely feel that they’re the best candidate that said yes.

I will never be convinced anybody can enjoy days that are seven degrees or below but Weaver did his homework and knew Michiganders *love* when you play up the ‘seasons’ card. Bravo, Mr. Weaver.

This is the good good. Oklahoma City the last couple of seasons has been a monument of “competitive rebuilding”. They lost Kevin Durant, shipped out Paul George and Russell Westbrook, and have still managed to stay a fixture in the playoffs. Oh, and all of that in the Western Conference. That’s what the Pistons have tried to do and have failed miserably at. While Weaver may not have the same kind of luck he struck in Oklahoma City, I am not expecting a 76ers level tank job. Look for the Pistons to strike deals that make sense and help the team get better without mortgaging their future.


All around, it was good day for Weaver and for the fans who were eagerly waiting to hear what he had to say. He hit on some of the points that Detroiters love and gave at least some insight into how he plans of running and ‘restoring’ the Pistons.

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