Betting odds released for every Detroit Lions game in 2020

By Arnold Powell  - News Desk Writer
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Here we go!

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We now know the opening betting lines for each and every Detroit Lions regular-season game in 2020!

Ok, of course, we are just joking around about the excitement as these betting lines will almost certainly change multiple times before the games actually kick-off.

That being said, let’s take a look at the opening lines for all 16 Lions games, courtesy of PointsBet.

Week 1- vs. Bears (Lions -1.5)

Week 2- at Packers (Packers -6.5)

Week 3- at Cardinals (Cardinals -4)

Week 4- vs. Saints (Saints -8.5)

Week 5- BYE WEEK

Week 6- at Jaguars (Lions -2.5)

Week 7- at Falcons (Falcons -6)

Week 8- vs. Colts (Colts -3)

Week 9- at Vikings (Vikings -7.5)

Week 10- vs. Redskins (Lions -5)

Week 11- at Panthers (Panthers -.5)

Week 12- vs. Texans (Lions -1.5)

Week 13- at Bears (Bears -6)

Week 14- vs. Packers (Packers -4.5)

Week 15- at Titans (Titans -6)

Week 16- vs. Buccaneers (Buccaneers -7)

Nation, as you can see above, the Lions are currently favored in four games in 2020. How many games do you think they will ultimately be favored in?

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