Brad Holmes explains why Jack Campbell will be an ‘anchor’ on Detroit Lions’ defense

Man, I don't know if my own mother talks about me like Detroit Lions GM Brad Holmes talks about Jack Campbell!

In a recent interview on “The Season with Peter Schrager,” Detroit Lions general manager Brad Holmes shed light on the team's approach and execution in the 2023 NFL Draft. Holmes shared his perspective on the draft process, emphasizing the importance of selecting the right players rather than focusing solely on specific positions. He expressed his satisfaction with the Lions' draft class, including their first-round picks: running back Jahmyr Gibbs and linebacker Jack Campbell.

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Holmes explains why Jack Campbell will be an ‘anchor'

The selection of Jack Campbell, in particular, reflects the Lions' commitment to fortifying their defense. Despite already having re-signed Alex Anzalone as an inside linebacker, the team saw Campbell as an anchor for their defense. Holmes clarified that the Lions prioritize drafting players who align with their defensive philosophy, emphasizing the need for physicality and coverage skills.

“When you have a guy like Jack Campbell that’s 6-foot-5, 250—that’s extremely instinctive, he’s heavy in the run game, he’s extremely smart—I just love how the kid is wired,” Holmes shared. “I mean, he’s wired to fit what we’re all about. We’re all about grit, doing it the right way, like truly earning it, and this guy just loves football. He’s all business.”

“I thought Jack Campbell, you know, had all the traits that we look for in a football player, and so that’s how we felt really good about it, and again, going back to what I was saying about there wasn’t but a certain amount of players that we had in that first round bucket, and he was one of them,” Holmes admitted. “When I say there was only 14 guys, Jack Campbell wasn’t 14th. You know what I mean, so, that’s why it was easy.

“Jack Campbell is just a hell of a football player and I just think that like, we’re looking at it as he’s going to be an anchor in our defense. Not, ‘We’re drafting an inside linebacker.’ Like, no, we’re just taking an anchor that’s going to be our defense.”

Key Points

  • Brad Holmes emphasizes the importance of selecting the right players rather than focusing on specific positions in the draft.
  • Jack Campbell is seen as an anchor for the Lions' defense, despite the team already having re-signed Alex Anzalone as an inside linebacker.
  • The Lions prioritize players who embody their defensive philosophy, valuing physicality and coverage skills.
  • Campbell's 6-foot-5, 250-pound frame, Instinctiveness, and intelligence make him an ideal fit for the Lions' defensive scheme.
  • Holmes highlights Campbell's place among the limited number of players identified as first-round talents by the team.
  • Campbell's selection reflects the Lions' commitment to building a formidable defense and elevating their overall performance.
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Bottom Line – An Anchor for the Lions' Defense

With Jack Campbell's selection, the Detroit Lions have secured a player who embodies the qualities and attributes they seek in a football player. Campbell's physical prowess, football IQ, and dedication make him an ideal candidate to anchor the Lions' defense. As the team progresses, Campbell's presence is poised to have a significant impact on the success of the defensive unit as a whole. The Lions' commitment to selecting players based on their fit within the team's philosophy sets the stage for a formidable defense in the upcoming season.


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