Brendan Shanahan’s hat trick sinks Sharks in 2001-02 season opener (VIDEO)

The Detroit Red Wings regular season is just around the corner. And while this season will be a completely different experience for everyone involved, we’re looking forward to kicking off the 95th chapter of the historic franchise.

Each day as the season draws closer, we’ll be posting a tribute piece to a player who wore the corresponding jersey number to the days remaining until hockey is back.

As there are 14 days until Detroit’s regular season opener against Carolina, we’re continuing our countdown by remembering one of the great goal scorers in team history, and the night that he kicked off the legendary 2001-02 season with a bang.

Forward Brendan Shanahan scored a hat trick in Detroit’s opening night victory over the San Jose Sharks on October 4, 2001. Shanahan was one of a whopping 10 future Hall of Fame players on the roster that season. Later that campaign, he’d be hoisting the Stanley Cup for the 3rd time in his career.

How many of you stayed up late to watch this West Coast season opener?

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