Brian Branch reveals which team broke 1st Round promise to him

Detroit Lions DB Brian Branch reveals which team broke 1st Round promise to him. It appears as if they made a BIG mistake.

Brian Branch reveals which team broke 1st Round promise to him

In a revealing conversation with Tom Pelissero and Cynthia Frelund, Detroit Lions defensive back Brian Branch opened up about his experiences during the 2023 NFL Draft. Branch, a standout in his rookie season with the Lions, shared an intriguing detail about another team's unkept promise that led to a pivotal moment in his professional career.

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Expectations Betrayed

Branch disclosed that he was under the impression the Washington Commanders would select him with the sixteenth pick in the first round.

“The team I thought for sure was gonna get me was the Commanders at sixteen,” Branch said. “I felt like, you know, they told me that if I'm still available at sixteen that they were gonna get me, but I guess you can never take their word, gotta let it play out. But, uh, you know, everything happened for a reason, so I'm glad I'm with Detroit.”

A Fortunate Turn of Events for Branch and the Lions

Despite the initial disappointment, Branch's journey took a favorable turn when the Detroit Lions selected him in the second round. This twist of fate has proven beneficial for both Branch and the Lions. Branch expressed contentment with how things played out, acknowledging that “everything happened for a reason.” His positive attitude towards the unexpected change in his draft journey underscores his adaptability and optimism.

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Branch's Promising Rookie Season

Since joining the Lions, Branch has been demonstrating why he was so highly regarded coming into the draft. His performance so far suggests that he will be a key player in the Lions' defensive backfield for the foreseeable future. His ability to quickly adapt and make an impact on the field has been a boon for the Lions, who capitalized on the opportunity to draft a player of his caliber.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Unkept Draft Promise from Washington Commanders: Brian Branch, during an interview, revealed that the Washington Commanders had promised to draft him at the sixteenth pick in the 2023 NFL Draft.
  2. Detroit Lions' Gain in the Second Round: Branch’s unexpected availability in the second round turned out to be a fortunate development for the Detroit Lions, who seized the opportunity to draft him.
  3. Branch's Positive Outlook and Rookie Success: Despite the initial setback, Branch expressed a positive attitude, suggesting that everything happened for a reason and expressing satisfaction with joining the Detroit Lions.
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The Bottom Line

Brian Branch's revelation about the Washington Commanders' unfulfilled draft promise sheds light on the unpredictable nature of the NFL Draft. While the Commanders' decision ultimately led Branch to slip to the second round, it opened the door for him to join the Detroit Lions — a turn of events that has worked out exceptionally well for both the player and the team. Branch’s story is a testament to the unpredictability and opportunity that define the NFL Draft, and his early success with the Lions indicates a bright future ahead in his professional football career.