Cade Cunningham, Detroit Pistons at Eastern Conference Finals

Ryan and Matt discuss the Pistons sighting at the Eastern Conference Finals game in Boston. Cade Cunningham learning what it takes.

Pistons Dreaming Big at Eastern Conference Finals

Cade Cunningham
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Cade Cunningham at Eastern Conference Finals

Matt Bassin: There were some stars in attendance Ryan. Our very own Cade Cunningham and Beef Stew and Killian Hayes all at the game, kinda taking it in and seeing what it's all about. And hopefully in a few years leading us there ourselves. 

Ryan Griffin: Yeah. Hopefully the more than just spectators. And I knew I was a Homer when it came to the Pistons. I didn't know I was this much of a Homer. Because whenever I heard Stefon Diggs doing this after they lost in the playoffs. Where he stayed and watched the other team’s celebration, I was like, that's stupid, go back in the locker room.

But now I get it. I'm all in. I love that they did this and I loved that. It was four, well five guys, if you include KC. They ended up going there and they didn't all go for that. I think Cade Cunningham and Isaiah Livers were already going to the game. And then Stewart and Killian were in Boston because they had some type of meeting with Puma.

And then KC heard that his four guys were going to be there and then he hopped on a plane. He was like, all right, cool. Me too. I love it, getting that playoff atmosphere. And you kind of talk about speaking things into existence. They're there because they think they're going to be there someday, or, they already have that goal in mind.

If you're a Pistons fan, you can't help but to love, like there's nothing to hate on with this specific story. Because it's everything that you want. It's hard. It's guys who are taking the time to actually go and see what the playoff atmosphere is all about. What a high-stakes playoff game is all about.

And looking at two obviously better teams than the Pistons are, who both have no stars in their own, right? Whether it's Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Jimmy Butler, Bam Adebayo, whoever, and just going to go on to see what. You’re just taking it all in and really trying to absorb, the playoffs into their body. 

Matt Bassin: Hang on. So you're telling me with these five men, it was a chance meeting that they were all in Boston at this time? and they got those seats last minute? 

Ryan Griffin: So that was my question too because that's what I read and I don't know what happened. Maybe they made a deal with whoever had those seats. If there are people who already had tickets and they were like, we will give you whatever to help us out. 

Yeah. I don't exactly know how all of that worked. Maybe they made a call to the Celtics and whoever had those seats, the Celtics have them on speed dial because surely they call them every year about season tickets and other things.

They're like, hey, could you help us out? So I don't know exactly how it all happened, but that's the story that came up. 

Matt Bassin: Yeah, see, I don't know. Cause I'm gonna tell you from living in Boston and wearing a Pistons jersey in Boston, they didn't like it. They were not fans of my jerseys. They did not like it, and it wasn't just the Isaiah one.

It wasn't just the bad boys. It was the same thing with going to work. Now it wasn't as much vitriol, but I think it carries over from the eighties into when we battled in the two thousands. At the end of the two thousands, when Boston started coming back up. But they weren't fans. And so I'm surprised they helped us out at all.

Because we’re like their fifth, most hated rival. Behind the Lakers and the 76ers and the Knicks and the Heat. And then LeBron calves are in there somewhere too. Like they weren't, they were not fans of ours. I can’t believe they helped out at all. 

There's a difference between you and I wearing a Tayshaun jersey and, Cade Cunningham and Isaiah Stewart or a millionaire going over there and asking for some favors. I think they got a little bit more sway than we do. 

Maybe even the NBA stepped in because I saw Cade Cunningham with a microphone in his hand that said ESPN. I dunno if he was interviewed on ESPN, if he was, I missed that part. Yeah, he had the microphone in his hand with the ESPN mic.

So maybe the NBA was like, hey, we're going to get this whole team right here. And then, craft a story out of it. So I don't know how it happened, but I'm glad it did and glad they were there. They didn't stick them on the Jerry buss seats in the Boston garden. It's right behind the foul pole essentially.

Hopefully, in about five years, they won't be able to be traveling anywhere to go watch someone else play the Eastern Conference Finals. They'll be hosting it.


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