Charles Barkley just destroyed former MSU star Draymond Green

Charles Barkley and Draymond Green have been going at it for years. That comes as no surprise as both love to talk trash as much as they love to play the game.

Recently, Green threw some more fuel on the fire by saying he was going to take Barkley’s job. Click below to see what Green had to say.

Former MSU great Draymond Green takes big shot at Charles Barkley [Video]

Well, we knew it would not take too long for Barkley to fire back and that is exactly what he did by absolutely destroying Green!

“My job is safe. Draymond Green is a nice guy. I like Draymond, and he’s a good player. But you know what he is? He’s like the guy in a boy band who’s the least important member, and he thinks the crowd is cheering for him. He doesn’t realize he’s standing next to Justin Timberlake.

He’s the least-famous person in the boy band, and he thinks he’s the star, and he’s not…. He thinks all the girls are screaming for him. And like, no, they’re screaming for Justin Timberlake, you’re just in the band. Enjoy being in the band, because you’re never going to have any hit singles. But he’s a nice guy, I like messing with him. First of all, he don’t have a face for TV. He’s got a face for radio, so he’s not going to get my TV gig.”

There is no way Green can come back from this one, right?

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