WATCH: Chicago Bear’s Danny Trevathan makes one of the dirtiest hits in recent memory

The rivalry between the Green Bay Packers and the Chicago Bears has always been quite contentious. These two storied franchises have fought over NFC North supremacy for decades. On Thursday Night, the matchup between Aaron Rodgers’ crew and John Fox’s squad wasn’t what one would call competitive. What did transpire in the game toward the end of the third quarter definitely reminded many of the bad blood between the two teams even if the scoreboard didn’t.

Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan made a hit against Green Bay receiver Davante Adams that had the Twitterverse ablaze. Adams received a pass on Third down in Bears territory and was wrapped up when Trevathan fired at a defenseless Adams. Trevathan and Adams’ helmets collided and immediately medical crews were signaled to assist Adams. Below is the replay of the horrific hit.

Warning: The images in the video are graphic. Watch at your own risk. 

We want you to decide exactly what the penalty for Trevathan should’ve been. The call on the field was a defensive penalty with contact to the helmet. Due to the NFL not having the same targeting penalty as college football, Trevathan was allowed to stay in the game while Adams was sent out to a local Green Bay hospital. Here are some of the responses folks had for the hit:

What should the penalty be for Trevathan after that hit? Should he be suspended or only fined?

What do you think?

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