C.J. Gardner Johnson on Detroit Lions advancing to Divisional Round: ‘This (expletive) ain’t done’

C.J. Gardner Johnson on Detroit Lions advancing to Divisional Round: 'This (expletive) ain't done'. Photo Credit - Lon Horwedel - USA TODAY Sports

C.J. Gardner Johnson on Detroit Lions advancing to Divisional Round: ‘This (expletive) ain't done'

Following the conclusion of the Detroit Lions‘ significant Wild Card Round victory over the Los Angeles Rams, safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson conveyed a message of determination and ambition, emphasizing that the team's journey in the NFL Playoffs is far from over.

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A Resolute Stance for the Divisional Round

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's comments post-game were charged with confidence and focus.

“This (expletive) ain't done,” he stated, underscoring the team's unwavering goal to continue their playoff run. His words reflect not just personal resolve but also the collective mindset of the Lions as they prepare for the Divisional Round.

Aiming for Higher Achievements

Gardner-Johnson further elaborated on the team's aspirations, indicating their intent to add more accomplishments to their season.

“We've got two more banners to hang, and I'm not, like I told y'all and my teammates told y'all, we ain't selling short for nothing.”

This statement shows the team's ambition to not only compete but to excel and make a deep run in the playoffs.

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Detroit as the Focal Point

In a bold declaration of the Lions' current standing.

“Right now, everything is in our hands,” Gardner-Johnson said. “Everything runs through Detroit right now until we get to the championship of the conference.”

His comment positions Detroit as a pivotal player in the NFL's postseason landscape, suggesting a sense of control and readiness for upcoming challenges.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Confident Post-Game Statement: C.J. Gardner-Johnson, following the Detroit Lions' win over the Rams, asserted with confidence that the team's playoff journey is far from over, declaring, “This (expletive) ain't done.”
  2. Ambition for More Achievements: Gardner-Johnson emphasized the team's aspirations to hang two more banners, reflecting a collective ambition and determination within the Lions to aim for higher success in the playoffs and not settle for mere participation.
  3. Detroit at the Center Stage: He articulated a bold vision of Detroit being at the forefront of the NFL postseason, with everything “running through Detroit” until they reach the conference championship, showcasing a sense of control and readiness for the challenges ahead in the Divisional Round.
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Bottom Line: A Rallying Cry for Continued Success

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's post-game remarks serve as a rallying cry for the Detroit Lions as they advance in the playoffs. His confidence and clear vision of the team's goals articulate a strong message: the Lions are not just participants in the postseason, they are contenders with a mission. As they move forward to the Divisional Round, Gardner-Johnson's words encapsulate the determination and focus driving the Lions in their quest for further playoff success.