C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions Fans: ‘They’re Not With No Matthew Stafford’

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions Fans: 'They're Not With No Matthew Stafford'.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions Fans: ‘They're Not With No Matthew Stafford'

On Sunday night, the Detroit Lions did something they had not done since the 1991 season as they won a playoff game by defeating the Los Angeles Rams 24-23. In the wake of the Lions' thrilling Wild Card Round victory, safety C.J. Gardner-Johnson made a striking comment regarding the team's fans and their loyalty, particularly in relation to quarterbacks Jared Goff and Matthew Stafford.

C.J. Gardner-Johnson on Detroit Lions

Embracing Jared Goff over Stafford

Gardner-Johnson candidly addressed the media post-game about the team's sentiment and fan support following their win.

“I ain't gonna cap to y'all, I ain't gonna speak on something that I wasn't a part of but I know they probably loved winning a playoff game,” Gardner-Johnson said. “These fans are with J.G., they're not with no Matthew Stafford. Matthew Stafford's over there, so don't talk about that.”

His words draw a clear line between the current team dynamics and past associations, particularly highlighting the fans' support for Goff over former Lions QB Stafford.

A Shift in Fan Allegiance

The comment reflects a shift in allegiance among Lions fans, who have seemingly embraced Jared Goff as their quarterback, distancing themselves from the Stafford era. Gardner-Johnson's remarks underscore the fans' current focus and commitment to Goff, especially in the wake of a significant playoff win that has bolstered the team's morale and unity.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Gardner-Johnson’s Clear Stance on Fan Loyalty: C.J. Gardner-Johnson emphasized the Detroit Lions fans’ support for quarterback Jared Goff, distinguishing it from any lingering affinity for former QB Matthew Stafford, clearly stating, “These fans are with J.G., they’re not with no Matthew Stafford.”
  2. Fans Embrace Goff Over Stafford: Gardner-Johnson’s remarks highlight a significant shift in fan allegiance from Stafford to Goff, particularly following the Lions' recent playoff victory over the Rams, a game that symbolized a turning point in the team's narrative and fan sentiment.
  3. Focus on the Present Team Dynamics: Gardner-Johnson’s comments reflect the team's and fans’ current focus on the achievements and potential under Goff's leadership, suggesting a collective desire to move forward and embrace the new era of Lions football, leaving past associations behind.

Bottom Line: A New Era for Lions and Their Fans

C.J. Gardner-Johnson's comments post-game resonate with a sentiment of progress and looking ahead. As the Lions continue their journey in the playoffs, the clear support for Jared Goff from both the team and the fans signals a new era for the franchise, one that distances itself from past narratives and embraces the current team's potential and aspirations.