College Football Playoff Rankings: Ohio State No. 1 in initial rankings

College Football Playoff Rankings: Ohio State No. 1 In Initial Rankings .

College Football Playoff Rankings: Ohio State No. 1 in initial rankings

On Halloween night, the initial College Football Playoff Rankings were released, and the Ohio State Buckeyes are currently in the No. 1 spot. Georgia comes in at No. 2, while Michigan, who is currently embroiled in an NCAA investigation related to sign-stealing allegations, claims the No. 3 position. Meanwhile, Florida State and Washington round out the top five. Oregon occupies the highest-ranked position among one-loss teams at No. 6, and Texas edges out Alabama due to their head-to-head victory in September.

College Football Playoff Rankings

The CFP Chair Speaks

According to CFP chair Boo Corrigan, Ohio State's impressive wins against Notre Dame and Penn State factored into their top ranking. These rankings underscore the significance of a team's strength of schedule, which clearly differentiates Ohio State from the competition. In contrast, Georgia's absence of Top 25 wins and a less challenging schedule places them at No. 2. Michigan, with a comparatively weaker schedule, secures the No. 3 spot.

“We looked at it, the big win over Notre Dame, and the win over Penn State, and they have difference makers on offense,” CFP chair Boo Corrigan said, referring to the Buckeyes on ESPN's rankings release show. “We looked at it, Ohio State deserved to be number one.”

What the Future Holds

Nevertheless, it's worth noting that these rankings remain subject to change as teams face the most demanding stretch of their schedules in the coming weeks.

Georgia's upcoming matchups against Missouri, Ole Miss, and Tennessee, as well as Michigan's clashes with Penn State and Ohio State, are likely to have substantial implications for the playoff landscape.

“As a group, the 13 of us in the room, we felt this was the order for the top four slots,” Corrigan said.

It is also important to highlight that the committee views Michigan's investigation as an NCAA matter rather than a concern for the College Football Playoff. Their primary focus is to identify the top four teams.

“We really view it as an NCAA issue, and not a CFP issue,” Corrigan said. “At this point in time, when we're looking at it, we want to find the top four teams.”

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The Initial College Football Playoff Rankings

  1. Ohio State – 8-0
  2. Georgia – 8-0
  3. Michigan – 8-0
  4. Florida State – 8-0
  5. Washington – 8-0
  6. Oregon – 7-1
  7. Texas – 7-1
  8. Alabama – 7-1
  9. Oklahoma – 7-1
  10. Ole Miss – 7-1
  11. Penn State – 7-1
  12. Missouri – 7-1
  13. Louisville – 7-1
  14. LSU – 6-2
  15. Notre Dame – 7-2
  16. Oregon State – 6-2
  17. Tennessee – 6-2
  18. Utah – 6-2
  19. UCLA – 6-2
  20. Southern California – 7-2
  21. Kansas – 6-2
  22. Oklahoma State – 6-2
  23. Kansas State – 6-2
  24. Tulane – 7-1
  25. Air Force – 8-0
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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The initial 2023 College Football Playoff rankings have been released.
  2. Ohio State secures the No. 1 position, with Georgia at No. 2.
  3. The rankings emphasize the importance of strength of schedule, and Michigan's ongoing investigation does not deter its No. 3 ranking.

Bottom Line – The Road to the Playoffs Begins

As fans eagerly await the culmination of the college football season with the College Football Playoff, the inaugural rankings provide a sneak peek into the top contenders. Ohio State's premier ranking, Georgia's close second, and Michigan's presence amidst an ongoing investigation set the stage for a captivating season as teams vie for a coveted playoff spot.

While the initial rankings generate anticipation and discussion, it's essential to remember that the college football season is an evolving journey. Teams will continue to compete, and the playoff landscape will change as the season progresses. The quest to determine the top four teams in the nation has only just begun.

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