Dan Campbell: ‘Bar is very low’ for Detroit Lions rookies during first day of pads

Dan Campbell talked about the first day in pads for the Detroit Lions rookies, and he also jokingly reminisced about his first day in pads as a player.

On Friday, Detroit Lions roared into their first padded practice of the season in Allen Park. Head Coach Dan Campbell, no stranger to rookie anxieties himself, initially set a forgiving bar for newcomers, stating the “bar is very low” for the rookies. Yet, in the spirit of consistent improvement, Campbell expressed confidence that the bar would progressively rise as the rookies adjust to the elevated competition level in full gear.

Dan Campbell Detroit Lions

Dan Campbell: ‘Bar is very low' for Detroit Lions rookies

According to Campbell, “The bar is very low for the rookies, starting today. It's just because it's the first time they've been at this level of competition in full pads. I anticipate some of those guys not looking as good, which is fine, because tomorrow, they should be better. Then the next time they should be better, better, better.”

Those were the days

Campbell, reminiscing about his own shaky start as a rookie, noted his first day in pads was far from picture-perfect, even raising doubts in his own mind about his future in the league. When asked how long it took to realize he belonged, he humorously quipped, “four years.”

Key Points

  • On Friday, the Lions launched their first padded practice of the season.
  • Campbell set low initial expectations for rookies.
  • Campbell believes daily improvement will see these rookies thrive.
  • Reflecting on his rookie days, Campbell's confidence took time to build.
Dan Campbell Detroit Lions linebackers

Bottom Line – Patience, a Rookie's Game Changer

While the initial bar is set low for the rookies, it serves as the starting point for their evolution into seasoned Detroit Lions players. Campbell's progressive approach to development underscores his belief in the rookies' capacity to improve and adapt. The coach's first-hand experience of rookie tribulations and eventual success provides an encouraging blueprint for these budding Lions. With time, patience, and a consistent push for improvement, today's novices could be tomorrow's NFL stars.


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