Dan Campbell explains why Detroit Lions traded for Denzel Mims

Prior to Sunday's training camp practice, Dan Campbell spoke to reporters about why the Detroit Lions traded for Denzel Mims.

In a move that could result in a shakeup of the Detroit Lions wide receiver room, the team has traded for Denzel Mims, who formerly played for the New York Jets. Despite a less-than-impressive stint with the Jets, Lions' head coach, Dan Campbell, is adamant that Mims' inherent abilities make this trade a worthy risk.

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Dan Campbell explains why Lions traded for Mims

Campbell believes Mims' speed, size, and length are valuable assets and is excited to see how they can be developed in a different team environment.

“He’s a guy that has tools,” Lions coach Dan Campbell said before the first practice of training camp Sunday. “He’s a big receiver and he has speed. He has length and kind of relative of looking at what do you want to work with, this guy has the ability and let’s see if we can do something.”

“Let’s see if a change in scenery helps this guy,” Campbell said. “It’s the traits. We know the kid will work. We’ve heard that. He has a level of toughness about him, so we’ll see where we can take it.”

Key Points

  • The Detroit Lions have secured a trade for wide receiver Denzel Mims, formerly of the New York Jets.
  • Despite a lukewarm performance with the Jets Campbell sees potential in Mims.
  • Mims' tenure with the Jets was marked by infrequent game appearances and a trade request.
  • The Lions have given up a conditional swap of 2025 draft picks to secure Mims.
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Bottom Line – The Lion's Roar Might Get Louder

The Detroit Lions' move to secure Denzel Mims demonstrates their unflinching commitment to nurturing potential and investing in talent. Mims' history might not inspire confidence, but the Lions see beyond that, believing that under the right conditions, Mims could become a valuable asset to the team. As we've seen with our own lionhearted leader, Dan Campbell, the Lions are not afraid to take bold strides in the name of potential. Will this gamble pay off on the field? Only time will tell.


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