Dan Campbell gives not-so-optimistic update on Frank Ragnow

Dan Campbell gives not-so-optimistic update on Frank Ragnow.

Dan Campbell gives not-so-optimistic update on Frank Ragnow

When the Detroit Lions take the field on Monday Night Football against the Las Vegas Raiders, they could be without one of their key players. On Saturday, Dan Campbell spoke to reporters and he gave a not-so-optimistic update on Lions center, Frank Ragow. Ragnow has not practiced yet this week as he has been dealing with a calf injury.

Dan Campbell reveals Monday Night Football play

What did Dan Campbell say about Frank Ragnow?

While speaking to reporters, Campbell said “It's hard to say” if Ragnow will be able to play against the Raiders.

“Here’s the good news: We got really three days, because it’s a night game on Monday,” Campbell said Saturday. “That’s a long time to recover, so it’s really kind of day to day.”

What if Ragnow does not play?

If Ragnow is not able to suit up against the Raiders, Graham Glasgow would take over at center while Kayode Awosika would probably start at left guard

“That’s one of the reasons Graham’s here, man, his reliability and the fact that he’s played multiple positions,” Campbell said. “He played obviously plenty of center last year and he’s done it in this league. So a lot of confidence there. We got Yode, we got (Colby) Sorsdal, we got Skip (Dan Skipper), we got all kinds of options.”

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Frank Ragnow's Uncertain Status: Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow's availability for the upcoming Monday Night Football game against the Las Vegas Raiders is in question due to a calf injury. Head coach Dan Campbell provided an update on Ragnow's condition, and the outlook is not particularly optimistic.
  2. Day-to-Day Evaluation: Campbell mentioned that the team has a few days before the game, as it's a night game on Monday. This extended time offers Ragnow the chance to recover, but Campbell emphasized that it's a “day-to-day” situation, leaving Ragnow's status uncertain.
  3. Contingency Plan in Place: In the event that Ragnow cannot play, the Lions have a plan in place. Graham Glasgow would step in as the center, while Kayode Awosika would likely start at left guard. Campbell expressed confidence in Glasgow's ability to fill the role due to his reliability and experience at multiple positions.

Bottom Line: Time Will Tell

The Detroit Lions are facing uncertainty regarding the availability of key player Frank Ragnow due to a calf injury. Coach Dan Campbell's update suggests a cautious approach, with the hope that Ragnow can recover in the few days leading up to Monday night's game. In the event that Ragnow is sidelined, the Lions have a contingency plan, with Graham Glasgow ready to step in at center. The team remains prepared to adapt and utilize their depth to maintain their performance.