Dan Campbell makes brutally honest comment about Julian Okwara

When you listen to Dan Campbell's comments about Julian Okwara, you will assume he will not be making the Detroit Lions 53-man roster.

Detroit Lions coach Dan Campbell recently made a candid statement about the team's outside linebacker, Julian Okwara. Despite showing potential during his 2021 season, Okwara hasn't been able to replicate that performance consistently. He played sporadically during the 2022 season and is currently battling for a roster spot.

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Dan Campbell makes brutally honest comment about Julian Okwara

Okwara's performance has been a mixed bag – while he has shown moments of brilliance, there has been a lack of consistency in his game. Campbell expressed the need for Okwara to more regularly utilize what he's been taught and for his impressive plays to become the norm.

“He’s a flash player, man,” Campbell said. “He does something really impressive and then it just kind of reverts back at times. He doesn’t use what he’s been taught and so he — man, he just has to continually put on tape what he’s been taught and those little flash plays, they have to become the norm. We’re at the point now, we’re Year 3 with him, with us, and so those things have to show up every time because he’s too talented, he just is.”

As we head into Okwara's third year with the Lions, Campbell's comments highlight the need for improvement and consistency in Okwara's performance.

Key Points

  • Okwara is battling for a roster spot despite impressive plays in the past.
  • Coach Campbell expressed the need for more consistent performances from Okwara.
  • Okwara is in his third year with the Lions, heightening expectations for improvement.
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Bottom Line – Make or Break for Okwara

The remainder of the training camp is CRUCIAL for Julian Okwara. Campbell's brutally honest comments highlight the challenges Okwara needs to overcome to secure his future with the Lions. His undeniable talent needs to translate into more consistent performances, something that has not happened up to this point. Now is the time for Okwara to show everyone that he can CONSISTENTLY bring his A-game and contribute significantly to the Detroit Lions. With that being said when you see what Campbell had to say, it sure does sound like the Lions will open up their 2023 season without Julian on their roster.