Dan Campbell reveals 1 area he has improved upon since joining Detroit Lions

During a recent interview, Dan Campbell talked about one area he believes he has improved upon since taking over as head coach of the Detroit Lions.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell has proven that learning never stops, even for those at the helm. Early in his tenure, he faced criticism for his management of the team during the latter stages of games. However, Campbell has demonstrated significant improvement in this area, particularly during the second half of the recent season.

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Dan Campbell reveals 1 area he has improved upon

Speaking candidly about his growth, Campbell elaborated on the challenges and nuances of game management. He alluded to the difficult balance between maintaining the pressure and stepping back a bit when the game seems well in hand.

“I think, man, there's always those (situations),” Campbell said. “When you get into those game situations over a two-year period, it's just in-game flow, understanding where you're at, the best approach,” Campbell noted. “Sometimes what happens is — I'll give you an example — you kind of feel like you have the game in your hands. If you just back off a little bit, there's a real good chance your probability of winning goes way up. But, to do that means you're pulling off the reins a little bit, and that's hard.

In his words, getting the hang of this game flow, understanding the optimum approach at each stage of the game, and most importantly, controlling and concluding games effectively, has been a vital lesson he has learned and improved upon over his three-year tenure with the Lions. While he still acknowledges there's room to improve, Campbell's trajectory certainly suggests an upward trend since he took the reins in 2021.

“I think just figuring out what that flow is, us as a team but myself too, got much better, particularly the late half of that season last year. When we got in the fourth quarter, the ability to control the game and finish games out, I think was real big. That's something I feel like I've learned over a three-year period and gotten better at.” 

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Key Points

  • Dan Campbell acknowledges that managing the latter stages of games was a weak point early in his tenure.
  • He has shown notable improvement in this area, particularly in controlling and concluding games effectively.
  • Campbell's growth in this area has positively impacted the team's performance in the second half of the recent season.

Bottom Line – Moving in the Right Direction

Dan Campbell's improvement in late-game management paints an inspiring tale of growth, resilience, and continuous learning. It underlines the fact that even leaders at the top have room for improvement and that acknowledging and working on weaknesses can lead to significant progress. For the Detroit Lions, Campbell's growth suggests a future of more robust game strategies, stronger finishes, and potentially, a higher success rate. As Campbell continues to refine his skills, fans can look forward to even more exciting, well-managed games from the Detroit Lions.


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