Dan Campbell on Jameson Williams: ‘He feels like he’s one of the guys now’

Dan Campbell on Jameson Williams: 'He feels like he's one of the guys now'.

Dan Campbell on Jameson Williams: ‘He feels like he's one of the guys now'

Jameson Williams is becoming an increasingly vital player for the Detroit Lions, particularly as the team ramps up for their postseason push. His recent performance against the Los Angeles Chargers showcased significant growth in his role as a receiver and route-runner. Notably, his blocking skills and speed were highlighted during David Montgomery’s 75-yard touchdown run, indicating his all-around development and increasing value to the team. On Wednesday, Dan Campbell had some pretty nice things to say about Jamo.

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What did Dan Campbell Say?

“Man, he’s part of the team. He’s one of the guys. He’s putting in a good day’s work. He’s physical. He’s tough,” Lions head coach Dan Campbell said. “And so, the more that he earns his stripes here, the more opportunities he gets because every time he makes a block like he does or he runs the routes he’s running, he makes some catches, you just gain the trust of everybody around you and it just keeps going and going.

“And his comfort level, his confidence level is going up. So, he’s in a good place right now. He’s improving. It’s a good thing, man. We’re proud of the way he went after it the other day.”

Why it Matters

Jameson Williams is not just making individual strides; he is also becoming a more integrated and trusted member of the Detroit Lions. His involvement in key plays and the trust he is building with his teammates and coaches are testaments to his growing importance. His physicality and toughness, along with his willingness to contribute selflessly to team efforts, underscore the vital role he is starting to play.

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TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jameson Williams is gaining more playtime and showcasing growth in receiving and route-running, evident in the recent game against the Chargers.
  2. Williams' blocking skills and athleticism were prominently displayed, contributing significantly to team plays, including a 75-yard touchdown.
  3. Gaining trust and confidence, Williams' overall game impact is growing, marked by his involvement in crucial game moments and improved performance.

Bottom Line – A Valuable Asset in Making

The Lions are rightfully proud of Williams’ progress, as he increasingly becomes a reliable and dynamic player. His improvement in catching, route-running, and his first game without a drop this season, coupled with his highest Pro Football Focus grade, signify a player on the rise. Williams’ enthusiasm for contributing to the team's success in various aspects of the game, both in passing and running plays, marks him as a valuable asset for the Lions' current season and future endeavors.

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