Dan Campbell reveals how Detroit Lions fans blew him away in 1st preseason game

If you did not make it out to Ford Field for the first preseason game, the Detroit Lions fans were LOUD!!!

Dan Campbell reveals how Detroit Lions fans blew him away in 1st preseason game

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell began his Monday press conference with a roaring commendation for the team's fans, lauding their exceptional energy during the Lions' opening preseason game against the New York Giants. In a gesture of genuine surprise, Campbell exclaimed, “I mean for a preseason game—that's unbelievable. That’s a packed house for a preseason, so it was awesome.”

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Campbell explains how loud Detroit Lions fans were

The roar of the crowd was so overwhelming that, according to Campbell, the Giants had to resort to a silent count, an uncommon tactic in preseason games, which is used when the quarterback can't communicate verbally with his teammates due to intense noise.

“Our fans were unbelievable the other night,” Campbell told reporters on Monday. “I mean for a preseason game, you saw when our young players and rookies out, ‘Hey man, it’s the first one, NFL game, and it has to be a pretty good atmosphere.’ But, my god, I didn’t expect that. I don’t think any of them did. That’s unbelievable. That’s a packed house for a preseason. So it was awesome.”

“They were using a silent count on offense in a preseason game. So, certainly helps,” Campbell added.

Ford Field Will Be ROCKING In 2023

Fueling the fans' fervor is a bubbling optimism. The Lions recently announced a sellout of season tickets for the first time since relocating to Ford Field in 2002. The team's recent achievements have played a massive role in this excitement. With Campbell at the helm, the Lions demonstrated a tremendous turnaround last year, clinching eight wins in their last 10 games after a challenging start. The impressive streak has positioned them as favorites to clinch the division title for the first time in three decades. As the 2023 season looms, many regard them as one of the conference's powerhouse teams.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Campbell praises fans for their unprecedented enthusiasm in the preseason game against the New York Giants.
  2. The roaring crowd forced the Giants to adopt a silent count due to the overwhelming noise.
  3. Detroit Lions‘ success has reignited fans' passion, leading to the first season ticket sellout at Ford Field since 2002.
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Bottom Line – From Underdogs to Lions: A Roaring Climb

The Detroit Lions, under the leadership of Dan Campbell, have not only redefined their gameplay but have rekindled a bond with their fans. As Ford Field resounds with cheers, it's evident that every tackle, pass, and touchdown the Lions make is in rhythm with the heartbeat of their supporters. The roar of the Lions and their fans, united in passion and purpose, is a sound that opponents will find hard to forget.


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