Dan Campbell Reveals Detroit Lions Plan for Teddy Bridgewater

Detroit Lions Plan for Teddy Bridgewater: Prior to today's training camp practice, Dan Campbell talked about the plan in place for the Lions newest quarterback.

Detroit Lions Plan for Teddy Bridgewater

The 2023 season for the Detroit Lions is gearing up with intrigue as they solidify their quarterback strategy. While Jared Goff is primed for the starting position, the buzz surrounds the integration of Teddy Bridgewater into the pack. Bridgewater, renowned as one of the NFL's elite backup quarterbacks, will be donning the Lions' colors this coming season.

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What Dan Campbell Said

Head Coach, Dan Campbell, who shares a storied past with Teddy from their days in the Saints, expressed his strategy to gradually introduce Bridgewater into team drills, especially eyeing the joint practices with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

“The plan is — and TB knows this — let’s just get him in, get some reps today,” head coach Dan Campbell said shortly before practice. “He’s been grinding on the playbook. Let him go through individuals, let’s get him some reps, and then Jacksonville, let’s get him worked in a little bit, you know? I’m just going to gauge where he’s at, how he feels, what it looks like, and then we’ll make a determination at the end of the week. But our plan is to get him going in practice this week.”

“There is a challenge to it,” Campbell said. “But Teddy’s a pro. He’s been in every system you can be in. It’s all about flipping terminology for him. I mean there won’t be one thing that he’ll be doing with us that he hasn’t done with someone else. It’s just the nature of what are we calling it, where do we want the snap point, little things like that. And he’ll know the progressions and reads by coverage. He’s a smart football player. So there’s a challenge to it, but I have a lot of faith in Teddy picking it up. I know him, and the mental part of it, he’s going to be on top of it pretty fast.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Teddy Bridgewater, once a Minnesota Vikings' first-round pick, is set to be the backup QB for the Detroit Lions in 2023.
  2. Coach Dan Campbell outlines a gradual introduction for Bridgewater, emphasizing joint drills with the Jacksonville Jaguars.
  3. Bridgewater's expertise, especially in mentoring young talents like Jameson Williams, is touted as invaluable for the Lions.
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Bottom Line – Bridging the Gap with Bridgewater

Bringing in Bridgewater is not merely about filling a position; it's about enriching the team with experience, mentorship, and reliability. While the playbook might be new and the challenges many, with Bridgewater's caliber and Campbell's trust, the Lions seem poised for a roaring season. With that being said, let's hope Bridgewater never has to play unless the Lions are winning by 30 points in the fourth quarter!


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