Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions are facing ‘Major Issue’ with just 6 games remaining

Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions are facing ‘Major Issue’ heading into their Week 13 matchup against the Saints.

Dan Campbell says Detroit Lions are facing ‘Major Issue’ with just 6 games remaining

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell, reflecting on the team's recent Thanksgiving defeat to the Green Bay Packers, believes that the core issue the Lions are currently grappling with is their turnover ratio. Campbell, after reviewing the game footage, feels more encouraged and points out that the major problem lies in the team's handling of turnovers.

Dan Campbell owns up

What did Dan Campbell Say?

While speaking to the media on Monday, Campbell revealed that the Lions are dealing with a “major issue.”

“If anything, I went back and after watching it, I’m actually more encouraged because to me, it’s not what it appears to be,” Campbell said Monday. “Just on the basic level of this, it's turnover ratio. It’s turnover ratio. … That’s the major issue right now.”

Why it Matters for the Detroit Lions

This issue was glaringly apparent in their recent games, where quarterback Jared Goff lost three fumbles against the Packers, and the team endured four turnovers (including three Goff interceptions) in their win against the Chicago Bears. With a turnover ratio ranked 22nd in the NFL at -5, the Lions are focused on improving this critical aspect of their game. Their next opportunity to address this issue comes in the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints, a team ranked sixth in the NFL with a +6 turnover differential, posing a significant challenge for the Lions.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Turnover Ratio Identified as Main Issue: Detroit Lions' Head Coach Dan Campbell pinpoints the team's turnover ratio as the primary concern affecting their recent performances, especially highlighted in their loss to the Green Bay Packers and the close win against the Chicago Bears.
  2. Optimism Despite Challenges: Despite the recent setbacks, Campbell remains optimistic about the Lions' prospects. He believes that addressing and improving the turnover ratio can significantly enhance the team's performance in the remaining games of the season.
  3. Upcoming Challenge Against the Saints: The Lions' next game against the New Orleans Saints, a team with a strong +6 turnover differential, poses a significant challenge. This matchup will be crucial for the Lions to demonstrate their ability to overcome their turnover issues and compete effectively.
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The Bottom Line – A Crucial Test Awaits the Lions

For the Detroit Lions, the upcoming game against the New Orleans Saints represents a pivotal moment in their season. Addressing their turnover issues will be key to turning their fortunes around. Coach Dan Campbell’s optimistic outlook, coupled with a focused approach to improving their turnover ratio, offers a ray of hope. However, the challenge is daunting, especially against a Saints team that excels in this area. This matchup will be a true test of the Lions' ability to rectify their weaknesses and showcase resilience in the face of adversity.