Dan Campbell says Kelvin Sheppard will be a head coach

We already know that Detroit Lions OC Ben Johnson is likely to land a head coaching job in the near future, but Dan Campbell believes Kelvin Sheppard will also eventually land a head coaching gig.

Detroit Lions head coach Dan Campbell expressed high regard for linebackers coach Kelvin Sheppard on Thursday. Sheppard, who has assumed a larger role on the team's defense this year, will now oversee the Lions' pass rush following the departure of Todd Wash and the arrival of new defensive line coach John Scott. Campbell went as far as saying that Sheppard will eventually be a head coach.

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Key Points

  • Kelvin Sheppard, the linebackers coach for the Detroit Lions, is taking on a more significant role on the team's defense.
  • Sheppard will be responsible for overseeing the Lions' pass rush this season.
  • Dan Campbell, the head coach, has praised Sheppard's expanded role and growth as a coach.
  • Campbell believes that Sheppard has the potential to become a defensive coordinator and eventually a head coach.
  • The coaching staff sees Sheppard as a young and promising coach with great potential for success.

Dan Campbell says Kelvin Sheppard will be a head coach

According to Campbell, Sheppard's expanded responsibilities are well-deserved and reflective of his growth as a coach. Campbell and the coaching staff have witnessed Sheppard consistently rise to the challenges presented to him. They have observed his development and potential, leading them to entrust him with more responsibilities, particularly this year. Campbell believes that Sheppard possesses the qualities of a promising young coach who has the potential to become both a coordinator and a head coach in the future. The timing seems right for Sheppard to embark on this path of advancement in his coaching career.

“He’s earned that,” Campbell said Thursday of Sheppard's expanded role on defense. “I feel like, Shep, the more we put on Shep, the more he answers the call. And he’s developing as a coach. We see growth. No different than the players, you want to see growth from your coaches and so A.G. and I talked and we felt it was time to put more on him, especially this year. I think Shep is a young, promising coach. I think he can be a coordinator one day and I think he can be a head coach one day, I think he’s got that type of potential. So the time is right.”

The Bottom Line – A Coaching Journey to Watch

Kelvin Sheppard's trajectory within the Detroit Lions coaching staff serves as a compelling storyline to follow. With the endorsement of head coach Dan Campbell, Sheppard's expanded role and responsibilities signal his growing influence within the team. As he continues to develop as a coach and demonstrate his potential, the path toward becoming a defensive coordinator and even a head coach appears promising.