Dan Campbell Snubbed As 2022 NFL Coach Of The Year Finalist

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Detroit Lions’ Dan Campbell Not Selected As NFL Coach Of The Year Finalist

Eric Vincent: What’s good Detroit Sports Nation? I am Eric Vincent, your host here at the DSN News Desk. Thank you for tuning in. We appreciate your time and support cuz right about now starts one of my favorite times of the year in the NFL off-season. I love when they put the finalists together for the NFL Honors for the NFL Awards and they reveal the winners of these regular season achievements. 

And there’s been a lot of competition in terms of the Detroit Lions fan base of whether or not Dan Campbell should have been an NFL Coach of the Year finalist. Cuz, unfortunately, He was not.

AP Coach Of The Year Finalists

Eric Vincent: The AP coach of the year went to five different coaches. I’ll quickly read them off. Brian Daboll for the Giants. Sean Mcdermott for the Bills. Kyle Shanahan for the Niners. Doug Peterson for the Jaguars and Nick Sirianni for the Philadelphia Eagles. I have no problem with Dan Campbell not being included on this list. None whatsoever.

I know a lot of fans are bothered by it. They all say he was robbed, he should’ve been there, yadda, yadda, yadda. I get it. I get it. But from what I was told, I remember putting up the video talking about how horrible the officiating was for the Rams and Seahawks game to help decide if the Detroit Lions were getting into the playoffs and a lot of the pushback in the comments section.

Well, you can’t start the season off the way you did. You can’t start off one and six and expect to be rewarded at the end of the season down the line. And I think this is another example of that right now. Because Dan Campbell and this Detroit Lion football team starting off one in six, especially considering a lot of those losses were at the hand of Dan Campbell and the coaching staff putting their players behind the eight ball with questionable play, calling with bad clock management, with unnecessary gambles with the football.

Dan Campbell Did A Good Job But The First Half Counts As Well

Eric Vincent: There were a lot of issues that were happening with this football team that is glaring. They’re very glaring for what we saw to start this season off, and I know he did the second half of the season. He was fantastic. The Detroit Lions were one of the hottest teams in the league, and Dan Campbell seemed to get a hold of the mistakes that he was making.

And we love to see that because we see a lot of coaches in Detroit Lion’s history not show the ability to make halftime adjustments and you know, be able to work on the fly to help get their team in the best position to win. And Dan Campbell did a good job of making that official in the second half of the season.

But the first half counts as well. And seeing how ugly some of these victories were, we’re not gonna go down the schedule again. They’re already painful and annoying enough to think about, but you start off the season you did with a lot of those games being as winnable as they were. It’s hard for me to put him over those five coaches that we just named, especially considering what they had to deal with in terms of what their teams were before they got there, or how they were just able to build them up this season.

AP COTY Finalist Brian Daboll

Eric Vincent: Like we’ll go through ’em now. Brian Daboll for The Giants. Last year, the Giants were four and 13 over Joe Judge. Daboll takes over now they are nine, seven, and one in the playoff picture in upsetting the Minnesota Vikings. I know granted it’s a regular season award, but just goes to their credibility of how prepared he got his team, for that game.

AP COTY Finalist Sean McDermott

Eric Vincent: Buffalo Bills, 13 and three under Sean McDermott. The Bills seem kind of fluky a little bit throughout the season. Knowing how competitive the AFC is, I gotta give, the Bills their credit. They played a tough division. McDermott had them ready. They came out with a lot of key victories. I can’t take away from that. So Sean McDermott deserves to be on this list. 

AP COTY Finalist Doug Peterson

Eric Vincent: Doug Peterson for the Jags, they finished nine and eight this season after a three and 14th season last year, under messy Urban Meyer and Harold Bevel, who took over for him. Doug Peterson did a fantastic job with Trevor Lawrence and this team. Had him in an awesome last game of the regular season against the Titans to win the division, win the AFC South, and host a playoff game, which they went on to have an unbelievable comeback victory against the Chargers in the playoffs. They deserve to be there. I got no problem with Doug Peterson being there. 

AP COTY Finalist Kyle Shanahan

Eric Vincent: The San Francisco 49ers 13 and four under Kyle Shanahan. With all the quarterback issues that they had with Trey Lance going down early, Jimmy Garoppolo who they didn’t even want to be on their roster. He helped, get them to a bunch of victories.

And when he goes down, Brock Purdy comes through and he’s able to do what he did as a seven-and-zero quarterback. That was a third-stringer. Your, head coach was able to get the best side of him, and put together one of the best defenses in all of the NFL. Honestly, Kyle Shanahan might be my pick if I had a vote for Coach of the Year. He deserves to be on that list. 

AP COTY Finalist Nick Sirianni

Eric Vincent: And then Nick Sirianni for the Eagle speaks for himself 14 and three. They were the best team all season. He deserves to be at the top of the list. He should win the award honestly, for their consistency throughout the year. I have no problem with those five coaches being on there.

Dan Campbell was able to beat some of these coaches head-to-head, and I do like knowing that. But it is a learning experience for this team. It’s a learning experience that you have to be able to play consistently throughout the season. You can’t put yourself behind the eight-ball of a one-in-six record and then try to play catch-up afterward.

It looked good because you’re in a weak NFC. You were able to stand up to all the competition that was on your schedule, and you played well against just, just about damn near everybody. I can’t take that away from Dan Campbell. I buy into Dan Campbell. I believe in him. I believe in this regime, and I believe in the future of this Detroit Lions base, but I cannot put ’em above these names that are above him.

I just can’t. These guys were consistent all season long, especially from some of them for what they had to go through and rebuild after the prior season. These are well-deserved coaches ahead of Dan Campbell. Again, this will maybe service some bulletin board material for him to make sure he is on his A game.

But for now, I can’t, I can’t put ’em over those five names. I think we should be able to agree on that. If you disagree, you can talk to me in the comment section and tell me why. 

AP Assistant Coach Of The Year Finalists

Eric Vincent: Something I was encouraged about is the AP assistant coach of the year, and this I believe, should go to the Detroit Lions assistant coach Ben Johnson

Ben johnson ap assistant NFL coach of the year finalist 2022 Dan Campbell

Now, DeMeco Ryans is also up there for the 49ers, as their defensive coordinator, and Shane Steichen for the Philadelphia Eagles as their offensive coordinator. If I pronounce your last name wrong, I apologize. But for me, maybe this is biased as well, but seeing what Ben Johnson went through with this team. Personally, I think I would vote for ’em. It could be a little bit of bias on my part, but I think through the ups and downs that they had to deal with this season and considering the pieces that Ben Johnson had to work with the quarterback that a lot of the fan base didn’t buy into early, a lot of injuries on the offensive line.

and The wide receiver core. The running game, kind of dealing with injuries as well. Ben Johnson and this Detroit Lions’ offense were able to still remain top five throughout the season. In terms of scoring yards put together, they improved their third down efficiency, and their red zone attacking. They really upgraded throughout the end of the season and really through their whole season.

Ben Johnson Deserves Some Votes

Eric Vincent: Were they perfect? No, they weren’t perfect through the whole season. But I think it’s well deserved for Ben Johnson to at the very least, be a finalist in this group. He may not win. I mean, the Eagles and the Niners resumes speak flawlessly. DeMeco Ryans could be up for a head coaching gig in this current off-season.

But I think Ben Johnson does deserve some votes. There was a reason he was so sought after in this off-season with the interviews that he was taking on. And for real, it’s, it’s a blessing that the Detroit Lions are able to get him back. I’m super happy that panned out. I actually called that he could actually come back and it played out in that exact fashion.

So the Detroit Lions coaching staff should be in good shape coming up for next season with this motivation that they have now in terms of this voting and for what they did through the regular season this last year. Hopefully, they’re able to build upon that and show us exactly what we’re expecting, which is a successful and prosperous Detroit Lion football team.

Were You Upset That Dan Campbell Was Not A Finalist For COTY?

Eric Vincent: Talk to me in the comment section, though. I’d love to hear your feedback. Were you upset that Dan Campbell was not a finalist for NFL Coach of the year? I’d love to hear your feedback on that. Just answer the simple question, yes or no. Were you upset about Dan Campbell not being a finalist for the Coach of the year?

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