Dan Miller’s call of Detroit Lions getting screwed by NFL will tear out your heart

Dan Miller's call of Detroit Lions getting screwed by NFL will tear out your heart.

Dan Miller's call of Detroit Lions getting screwed by NFL will tear out your heart

In the world of sports, few moments are as heart-wrenching as witnessing a team's triumph turn to despair in mere seconds. Such was the case for the Detroit Lions during their recent game against the Dallas Cowboys. Dan Miller, the voice of the Lions on the radio, captured this rollercoaster of emotions in a call that will tear out your heart.

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The Moment of Truth

The scene was set for an unforgettable Lions victory. After trailing 20-13 late in the fourth quarter, the Lions marched down the field and scored to cut the lead to 20-19. Rather than playing for overtime, head coach Dan Campbell opted to attempt a 2-point conversion.

As quarterback Jared Goff took the snap and faked a handoff to David Montgomery, he set his sights on the end zone. There, waiting, was none other than Taylor Decker, who reported as an eligible receiver prior to the snap. Goff threw the pass, Decker caught it, and the Lions take a 22-21 lead, right? WRONG. Instead, the referee tossed a flag and ended up calling the Lions for illegal touching, claiming that Decker (No. 68) never reported as eligible, even though there is video evidence of him doing so.

Dan Miller's Heart Breaking Call

By now, you have certainly watched the play over and over on television, but here is how it sounded for those listening on the radio.

CLICK HERE FOR THE RADIO CALL (Go to the 7:54 am chapter)

Miller's voice rose in excitement as he described the play: “Goff takes, turns, fakes the give to Montgomery, sets in the pocket, throws end zone, wide-open, it's caught! Taylor Decker! Two points! Oh my goodness! Are you kidding me?!?!”

The elation in his voice was palpable, mirroring the joy of Lions fans everywhere.

As Miller continued, his admiration for the play's design was evident. He praised offensive coordinator Ben Johnson repeatedly, underscoring the brilliance of the play that had seemingly given the Lions a lead in a crucial game.

“Ben Johnson! Ben Johnson! Ben Johnson! OHHHHH, BABY! Jared Goff to Taylor Decker! The Lions have the lead! What a play! What a playbook! Unbelievable!”

Miller's words painted a picture of triumph and jubilation.

Dan Miller's call

The Heartbreaking Twist

But in a turn of events that would leave any fan aghast, Miller's tone shifted dramatically. The realization dawned that a flag on the play had nullified the conversion.

“Is there a flag down?” he questioned, his voice tinged with disbelief.

Unfortunately, there was, and what had been a moment of sheer exhilaration quickly descended into heartbreak. The Lions, despite their valiant effort, went on to lose the game 20-19.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Dan Miller's Emotional Play-by-Play: The radio call by Dan Miller of the Detroit Lions' 2-point conversion attempt against the Dallas Cowboys captured a moment of high drama and excitement. His vivid description conveyed the initial elation as Taylor Decker caught Jared Goff's pass for what appeared to be a game-winning play.
  2. Rollercoaster of Emotions: Miller's call shifted from jubilation to disbelief as a flag on the play nullified the successful conversion. This sudden twist in the game's narrative encapsulated the emotional rollercoaster experienced by both the team and its fans.
  3. The Heartbreak of a Narrow Loss: The pivotal moment, immortalized in Miller's passionate broadcast, underscored the heart-wrenching nature of sports where victory can quickly turn to defeat. The Lions' narrow loss to the Cowboys, despite the clever play design and execution, left a lasting impact on the team and its supporters.
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The Bottom Line: The Emotional Impact of Miller’s Call

Dan Miller's call of this crucial moment in the game encapsulates the essence of sports – the highs, the lows, and the unscripted drama that unfolds on the field. His narration of the Lions' 2-point conversion attempt and the subsequent realization of its nullification takes fans on an emotional journey, from the pinnacle of joy to the depths of disappointment.


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