Dan Orlovsky makes BOLD prediction for 2023 Detroit Lions

Heading into the 2023 NFL Draft, the Detroit Lions were listed as the odds-on favorites to win the NFC North. But following the 1st Round, where the Lions selected RB Jahmyr Gibbs with the No. 12 overall pick and LB Jack Campbell with the No. 18 pick, many questioned what GM Brad Holmes was doing. As you are about to see, former Lions QB Dan Orlovsky is not one of the doubters. In fact, Orlovsky made a BOLD prediction for the Lions in 2023.

Dan Orlovsky Detroit Lions

Key Points

  • The Lions are the favorites to win NFC North, but their picks in the first round left many doubting GM Brad Holmes' choices.
  • Orlovsky took to Twitter to make a bold prediction for the Lions in 2023, calling them NFC Title contenders and declaring that he loves the Lions' draft.
  • While it remains to be seen whether the Lions will live up to Orlovsky's prediction, he believes that they will be a solid team and predicts they will win the NFC North in 2023.

Dan Orlovsky makes BOLD prediction for 2023 Detroit Lions

Just after Day 2 of the draft kicked off, Orlovsky took to Twitter to make a BOLD prediction for the Lions in 2023.

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“More I think about it more I LOVE the Lions draft,” Orlovsky tweeted. “3rd best team in NFC and NFC Title contenders.”

That's right folks, Orlovsky just declared that the Lions will be NFC Title contenders in 2023!

Bottom Line: Time will tell for the Lions

Yes, the 2023 Detroit Lions should be a solid team, but it may or may not be a bit early to call them contenders for the NFC Title. One thing is for sure, it all begins with the Lions winning the NFC North, so they can host a home playoff game. Once they get to that point, which I do predict will happen in 2023, look out.

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