Derek Lalonde explains why it’s been ‘difficult’ after Detroit Red Wings sign Patrick Kane

The Detroit Red Wings sign Patrick Kane, but it's been 'difficult' for head coach Derek Lalonde so far.

The Detroit Red Wings sign Patrick Kane, but it's been ‘difficult' for head coach Derek Lalonde so far.

Future Hall of Fame forward and 3-time Stanley Cup winner Patrick Kane has decided to join the Detroit Red Wings, his former bitter rivals from his time with the Chicago Blackhawks. Kane's anticipation to begin playing for Detroit is palpable, despite not yet making his debut on the ice for the team. And based on the latest indication from head coach Derek Lalonde, establishing where Kane will fit into Detroit's lineup hasn't been easy considering their busy game schedule that hasn't made much time for full practices.

Detroit Red Wings sign Patrick Kane

Kane chose Detroit over several potential suitors

Kane faced a recovery period from offseason hip surgery, sidelining him for the initial six weeks of this season. Throughout his contemplation about potential teams to join, he consistently had the Red Wings in mind, expressing a strong inclination towards Detroit as his preferred destination.

Derek Lalonde explains why it's been ‘difficult'

Given the fact that the Red Wings are set to play their third game in four nights since signing Kane, it's been difficult to get him into a full 5×5 practice session.

Patrick Kane optimistic

“It's been really difficult because we're in the midst of a 3 in 4 (3 games in 4 days) with two travels back, forth, back so we just haven't had practice,” Lalonde said. “We'll get a 5 on 5 practice for the first time since he's been with us on Monday. We'll see how that goes and re-evaluate it from there.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Detroit Red Wings brought aboard future Hall of Fame forward Patrick Kane earlier this week
  2. He's not quite ready to make his Red Wings debut, but it could come as soon as next week
  3. Head coach Derek Lalonde explains why it's been “difficult” to get Kane into a full practice session

Bottom Line: Kane's debut is highly anticipated

The signing of Patrick Kane by the Red Wings signifies General Manager Steve Yzerman‘s belief in the team's potential to push for the Stanley Cup Playoffs, a feat they haven't achieved since 2016. Look for Kane to make his first appearance in a game for Detroit sometime next week.

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