Derek Lalonde says he’s not alarmed following Detroit Red Wings loss to Jets

Derek Lalonde says he's not alarmed following Detroit Red Wings loss to Jets.

Derek Lalonde says he's not alarmed following Detroit Red Wings loss to Jets

On Thursday night, the Detroit Red Wings had a chance to get back in the win column when they faced the Winnipeg Jets. Unfortunately, things did not do the Red Wings' way as the Jets skated away with a 4-1 win at Little Caesars Arena. Following the game, Derek Lalonde spoke to the media and he said he's not alarmed that the Red Wings winless streak has now reached two games.

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What did Derek Lalonde Say?

The scoreboard may have read 4-1 in favor of the Jets, but Lalonde believes it was an even game.

“I think probably look back analytically at the underlying numbers, they’ll say it was an even game, maybe a little in our favor,” Lalonde said. “(Hellebuyck) was the difference tonight.”

“I don’t think our process was off tonight,” Red Wings head coach Derek Lalonde said. “Probably didn’t have enough energy throughout. We had pushes but it wasn’t push, push, push the whole time.”

Lalonde added that he's not alarmed that the Red Wings are 0-1-1 in their past two games because they have done “some pretty good things.”

“We’re 0-1-1 in our last two (games),” Lalonde said. “You want to find ways to not get extended streaks like that. Again, I’m not alarmed (the past two games) in that we did do some pretty good things. The puck didn’t go in for us tonight.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Lalonde's Assessment: Despite the 4-1 defeat, Derek Lalonde, the Red Wings' head coach, remains optimistic about the team's performance. He suggests that when looking beyond the score, the underlying statistics indicate a relatively even game, potentially even favoring the Red Wings.
  2. Process Evaluation: Lalonde emphasizes that he believes the team's process was not flawed during the game. He acknowledges moments of energy and effort but notes that sustained intensity was lacking, possibly contributing to the outcome.
  3. Maintaining Perspective: Lalonde's lack of alarm at the team's 0-1-1 record in their last two games underscores his belief that the Red Wings have shown promise and have done “some pretty good things” during this period.
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Bottom Line: Snap The Streak

Derek Lalonde's assessment provides a balanced perspective on the Detroit Red Wings' recent performance. While the final score may have been in favor of the Winnipeg Jets, Lalonde's emphasis on underlying statistics and the acknowledgment of positive elements in the team's play highlight his confidence in the Red Wings' potential. This outlook reflects the resilience and determination necessary for a successful season, keeping the team motivated despite a short winless streak.