Desmond Howard blasts Paul Finebaum for comments about Michigan Football

Desmond Howard blasts Paul Finebaum for comments about Michigan Football

Desmond Howard blasts Paul Finebaum for comments about Michigan Football

For years, Paul Finebaum has been a vocal critic of Michigan Football, particularly targeting head coach Jim Harbaugh. His recent comments have escalated the situation, labeling a potential Michigan national championship in 2023 as “tainted.” Finebaum's stance has drawn the ire of Desmond Howard, a fellow ESPN personality and member of the College Gameday crew.

Desmond Howard Desmond Howard blasts Paul Finebaum

What did Paul Finebaum Say about Michigan Football?

“Everything that happens from here on with Michigan is going to be tainted,” Finebaum recently said on ESPN. “I think that is the real issue here with college football. Could you imagine on January 8, if Michigan wins the national championship and Jim Harbaugh is given that trophy, I think the rest of the sports world is going to turn its nose in disgust.”

Howard Blasts Finebaum

In a recent appearance on the Rich Eisen Show, Howard sharply criticized Finebaum, describing him as a caricature who consistently spews negativity about Michigan. Howard's response highlights a deeper issue within sports media — the tension between personal biases and objective analysis, especially in a platform as influential as ESPN.

“Paul Finebaum is a caricature of a caricature of Paul Finebaum,” Howard said. “That’s what he is right now. You can’t take anything he says seriously. You just can’t. It’s like, they march him out there, they pull the string in his back, and he just starts spewing negative things about Michigan.

“When a person does that repeatedly and you just know his shtick, you can’t take him seriously. You take him for what he is. And that’s how I look at Paul Finebaum.”

Paul Finebaum blasts Michigan Football fans

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Paul Finebaum, an ESPN contributor, has a long-standing history of criticizing Michigan Football and head coach Jim Harbaugh.
  2. Finebaum recently claimed that a Michigan national championship in 2023 would be tainted, drawing criticism from the sports world.
  3. Desmond Howard of ESPN’s College Gameday crew countered Finebaum's claims, labeling him as a caricature who cannot be taken seriously due to his repetitive negative stance on Michigan.

The Bottom Line – More Than Just Commentary

The exchange between Desmond Howard and Paul Finebaum is more than just a disagreement between sports commentators. It represents a critical examination of the influence and responsibility of sports media in framing narratives around college football teams like Michigan. Finebaum is clearly a baffoon who somehow has a platform to continue to spew his nonsense, props to Desmond for accurately calling him.