Detroit Lions are logical choice to play in Brazil in 2024

Why our Detroit Lions are logical choice to play in Brazil in 2024. Find out who their opponent would likely be and why it would be a disadvantage.

Detroit Lions are logical choice to play in Brazil in 2024

The NFL's announcement of an international game in São Paulo in 2024 has sparked widespread speculation about the participating teams. Our Detroit Lions are emerging as a logical candidate for this historic game. The selection process involves the NFL's international marketing rights program, with the Miami Dolphins currently holding exclusive marketing rights in Brazil. Since 2024 is a year when NFC teams have an additional home game, it's likely that an NFC team will host this international spectacle. Here is why that team could be the Lions.

Detroit Lions are logical choice to play in Brazil

Why the Lions could play in Brazil in 2024

Given the Dolphins' 2024 schedule, which includes three NFC teams on the road (Rams, Seahawks, and as of this moment, the Lions) and considering the standings in their respective divisions, a Dolphins-Lions matchup is looking increasingly probable. Furthermore, the Lions, having not played an international game since 2015, are due for such a global showcase, making them a fitting choice for the Brazil game.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. NFL plans an international game in São Paulo in 2024.
  2. Detroit Lions are a strong contender to play against the Miami Dolphins.
  3. The Lions' absence from international games since 2015 strengthens their case.
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The Bottom Line – Lions' Leap into the Global Arena

The Detroit Lions could be poised to make a grand entrance onto the global football stage in Brazil in 2024. This potential matchup against the Miami Dolphins in São Paulo is more than just a game; it's a statement of the NFL's global aspirations and the Lions' readiness to be at the forefront of this expansion. With that being said, if the Lions do play the Dolphins in Brazil, it would count as one of Detroit's home games, which would be a disadvantage. Playing the Dolphins at Ford Field sounds much more favorable than playing them in São Paulo.