Detroit Lions Center Frank Ragnow Has Hilarious Comment About Potential Week 1 Gift

Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow was recently asked about potentially not having to play against one of the best defensive tackles in the NFL, and his response was funny and perfect at the same time.

Detroit Lions Center Frank Ragnow Has Hilarious Comment About Potential Week 1 Gift

As the 2023 season quickly approaches, our Detroit Lions continue to prepare to face the reigning Super Bowl Champion Kansas City Chiefs. Despite the looming challenge against the likes of Patrick Mahomes, the Lions may catch a break. All-Pro defensive tackle, Chris Harris, pivotal to the Chiefs' defense, might sit out if his demand for a renewed contract isn't met soon. But the real highlight of the situation? A cheeky comment from Lions center, Frank Ragnow.

Frank Ragnow Detroit Lions center Frank Ragnow

What Did Frank Ragnow Say?

When quizzed about the prospect of not facing Harris, Ragnow humorously remarked, “Wouldn’t be pissed. That’s my comment.”

Ragnow, a two-time Pro Bowler, recently returned to practice, sharpening his prowess after missing the preseason opener. While he is an integral component of the Lions' offensive line, there are shifts on the horizon. The ensemble includes Ragnow, Taylor Decker, Jonah Jackson, and Penei Sewell, with Halapoulivaati Vaitai and Graham Glasgow vying for the right guard spot.

Reflecting on the team dynamics, Ragnow expressed confidence, emphasizing the smooth camaraderie among teammates.

“We’re all pretty on the same page, so it’s cool,” Ragnow said. “And that helps me a lot. Not have to worry. I can go home, I can feel good, miss a little time with the baby and we’re still good.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. The Lions, opening their 2023 season against the Super Bowl Champion Chiefs, might not face All-Pro Chris Harris due to contract disagreements.
  2. Lions' center, Frank Ragnow, humorously welcomes the potential absence of Harris from their match-up.
  3. Ragnow returns to form in training, reinforcing the Lions' offensive line, even as positional rotations are underway.
Frank Ragnow 2023 Detroit Lions

Bottom Line: We Accept Charity

Amid the stress, strategy, and high stakes, there's room for humor, camaraderie, and taking things one step at a time. Frank Ragnow's light-hearted comment about a formidable opponent's potential absence captures this essence. For the record, we would also “not be pissed” if the Chiefs don't have Chris Harris for Week 1!


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