Analyst says Kerby Joseph will take care of business against Patrick Mahomes

Last season, Kerby Joseph burst onto the scene, making significant waves for the Detroit Lions. The rookie out of Illinois not only led the team in interceptions but also captured the attention of football analysts far and wide. ESPN’s Louis Riddick is one of those who’s clearly smitten by Joseph’s talent. As he spoke on SportsCenter, Riddick hailed Joseph, emphasizing his potential to be named a first-team All-Pro and forecasting his Pro Bowl future. Riddick even predicted that Joseph will take care of business when the Lions take on the Kansas City Chiefs in the season opener.

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Kerby Joseph has a bright season ahead of him

The impressive stats Joseph racked up last season, especially his four interceptions, only scratch the surface of what he’s capable of. Riddick predicts an even brighter season ahead, fueled by a bolstered defense and an improved secondary, with Joseph as one of its key pillars.

“This is Kerby Joseph, last year as a rookie, their starting free safety who was a third-rounder out of Illinois. He was the guy who ended the game for Green Bay, at the end of the season, with the interception along the sideline for the Detroit Lions,” Riddick explained. “This is a dude who, I’m just telling you now in his second year, is going to be a first-team All-Pro. He’s going to be a Pro Bowler. He had four picks last year, I bet he gets close to that if not more than that this year. This defense is going to take a step up, because the pass rush is gonna be better, the secondary overall is better and Kerby Joseph is gonna be a main part of why Detroit was the team that I started the hype train with all the way back in January and said this is a team that I believe can make it to the NFC title game, if not make it to the Super Bowl. Said it in January. This guy’s gonna be a big part of it.”

“He’s a do-it-all safety that can do everything,” the analyst said. “This guy can play in the box, he can play in the middle of the field, he can play off the hash. He will hammer you, he can pick off the football and he is cocky and confident. He showed that against the Packers last year. He showed it all year.”

Louis Riddick says Kerby Joseph will take care of business against Mahomes

Riddick’s anticipation is palpable as he looks forward to the season opener, where Joseph will go head-to-head with the iconic Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs. And in this upcoming gridiron battle, Riddick is betting big on Joseph.

“It’s gonna start Week 1, obviously in primetime TV with the Kansas City Chiefs, and no better quarterback to go up against for him to stake his claim for being one of the best safeties in the NFL than to go up against Patrick Mahomes,” Riddick continued. “I believe he gets the job done. I don’t think people know about this young man at all, but you will soon.”

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Key Points

  • Kerby Joseph filled a void left by Tracy Walker III and surpassed expectations.
  • Joseph’s rookie performance captivated national analysts, including ESPN’s Louis Riddick.
  • Riddick sees Joseph as a pivotal player in the Lions’ potential journey to the NFC title game or even the Super Bowl.
  • Joseph is pegged to showcase his mettle against the NFL’s reigning MVP, Patrick Mahomes, in the season opener.

Bottom Line – The Lion’s New Kingpin

While the shimmering lights of primetime TV will undoubtedly be focused on the Mahomes-Joseph face-off, those in the know recognize this isn’t just about one game. It’s about the meteoric rise of a young player who has quickly become the heart and soul of Detroit’s defense. And if you’re asking this Detroit Lions enthusiast? Well, let’s just say, I wouldn’t bet against Joseph. Not now. Not ever.

Written by W.G. Brady

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