Detroit Lions coach Tanner Engstrand set to return for 2024 season

Detroit Lions get AWESOME news regarding Tanner Engstrand.

Detroit Lions coach Tanner Engstrand set to return for 2024 season

Late Friday night brought significant news to the NFL coaching landscape, marking the closure of this year's coaching carousel. The Seattle Seahawks have appointed Ryan Grubb as their new offensive coordinator, a move that solidifies the league's coaching positions across all 32 teams. This development is crucial for the Detroit Lions, as it confirms the return of their pass game coordinator, Tanner Engstrand.

Tanner Engstrand Detroit Lions coach Tanner Engstrand

Why it Matters

Engstrand, who was under consideration by the New England Patriots, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and Seahawks, will now remain with the Lions due to the other teams selecting different candidates for their coaching vacancies. If you have followed along over the past two years, I have said on multiple occasions that Engstrand is my favorite to become the Lions OC if and when Ben Johnson leaves.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Retaining Tanner Engstrand as pass game coordinator underscores the Detroit Lions' commitment to coaching stability and offensive continuity.
  2. The conclusion of the NFL's coaching carousel, with Ryan Grubb‘s appointment to the Seattle Seahawks, directly influenced Engstrand's stay with the Lions.
  3. Engstrand's expertise in the passing game is pivotal for the Lions' strategic planning and success in the upcoming 2024 season.
Detroit Lions Have Already Won the Offseason Detroit Lions coach Tanner Engstrand

The Bottom Line – A Strategic Win for the Lions

This year's NFL coaching carousel brings a sigh of relief and a sense of anticipation for the Detroit Lions. Keeping Tanner Engstrand on board is a testament to the team's strategic vision, emphasizing the critical role of coaching continuity in achieving on-field success. As the Lions look ahead to the 2024 season, the stability and expertise Engstrand brings to the offensive unit will be invaluable. This development is not just a win for the coaching staff but a significant advantage for the Lions as they aim to elevate their game and challenge the competition in the fiercely competitive landscape of the NFL.

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