Detroit Lions coach weighs in on start to Jahmyr Gibbs NFL career

Detroit Lions coach weighs in on start to Jahmyr Gibbs NFL career

Detroit Lions coach weighs in on start to Jahmyr Gibbs NFL career

In the intense environment of professional football, rookie players often face immense pressure to perform at their peak from day one. However, for Detroit Lions RB Jahmyr Gibbs, a different approach seems to be in place. Lions running backs coach Scottie Montgomery recently expressed contentment with Gibbs' progress, highlighting that they assess him based on his achievements, not external pressures.

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What Did Scotty Montgomery Say?

As the 12th pick of the 2023 NFL Draft, Gibbs has shown potential, contributing significantly to the Detroit Lions' successful 4-1 start with his running and receiving skills. Despite a setback due to a hamstring injury that caused him to miss a game, the coach acknowledges his efforts and growth.

“He’s right where I thought he would be, he’s right where he should be coming along at, at this time,” Montgomery said. “We don’t judge players based off of anything else besides achievement. Like there is success and there is expectations and I want people outside the building to put those expectations on him because guess what, whether we believe it or not, it motivates him. It does, and that’s a really, really good tool.”

“I have to slow myself down and think that he had one start where he had 17 carries, 80 yards, 5 yards (almost) a carry,” Scottie Montgomery said. “And I believe in each game that he’s been in and played in, he’s had 50 or more scrimmage yards. That doesn’t sound significant, but when you talk to our coordinator, you talk to our head coach, and especially when we have the type of room and the type of talent that we have on the field, this is not a team lacking for talent, so when you have guys in each room that can make plays, at the end of the day there’s only a certain amount of yardage that can happen on a football field.”

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Montgomery recognizes Gibbs' desire to make more substantial contributions to the team, but he also understands that the current challenges will be instrumental in shaping him into a more resilient player. Gibbs is learning to manage not only external expectations but also the praise and recognition that will come his way as he continues to evolve in the NFL.

“I do feel that he feels a little bit of a, ‘Hey man, I got to continue to grow and I got to continue to grow,'” Montgomery said. “But we’re really, really happy with him understanding that it’s about achievement, not necessarily what success is. And another reason this is really good for Jah is that the same way that he’s having to manage these expectations, in a few weeks he will have to manage the what people are saying really, really good about him, and I think that is very humbling and there’s only one way you can be humbled.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Jahmyr Gibbs, the 12th overall pick in the 2023 NFL Draft, has been showing promise with 179 yards rushing on 39 carries and 70 yards receiving on 14 catches in the Lions' 4-1 start.
  2. Coach Scottie Montgomery emphasizes that Gibbs is right where he should be at this stage, focusing on achievement rather than external expectations.
  3. While Gibbs has encountered some early hurdles, his commitment to growth and achievement is expected to shape him into a better player.

Bottom Line: A Promising Journey Ahead

The journey of an NFL rookie is filled with ups and downs, and Jahmyr Gibbs is no exception. His start might not be the flashiest, but the focus on achievement rather than outside expectations sets a solid foundation for his future. Gibbs' commitment to growth and his ability to handle the pressures, whether they are humbling or praising, will play a crucial role in his development as an NFL running back.