Detroit Lions cut Dylan Drummond in advance of NFL Cut Day

Detroit Lions cut Dylan Drummond in advance of NFL Cut Day

Detroit Lions cut Dylan Drummond

According to a report from Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, the Detroit Lions have made a decision on UDFA wide receiver Dylan Drummond, and that decision may surprise some people. Birkett tweeted on Monday afternoon that the Lions have decided to cut Dylan, which means he will not be part of the initial 53-man roster.

Detroit Lions cut Dylan Drummond

Why It Matters

Most of the Detroit Lions beat writers had Drummond making the initial 53-man roster, but that obviously will not be the case. As noted by Birkett, it seems likely that Drummond will be signed to the Lions' practice squad if he clears waivers.

Dylan Drummond Planned To Prove He Belonged

Despite facing numerous injuries during his senior year at Eastern Michigan, throughout training camp, Drummond continued to harbor an unyielding conviction that he was NFL material. Amid the intense battle for a roster position, Drummond stood resilient, diligently working towards his goal.

“I'm just trying to be in the right spots and always knowing what to do,” Drummond said in early August. “I pride myself on being a smart person, and I really try to get in the playbook and stay in the playbook to know where I'm supposed to be and how I'm supposed to get there. If I'm in the right spots, I think the right things tend to happen.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions' Decision: According to Dave Birkett from the Detroit Free Press, the Lions have opted to cut UDFA wide receiver Dylan Drummond, preventing him from joining the initial 53-man roster.
  2. Expectations vs. Reality: Contrary to the predictions of many Detroit Lions beat writers, Drummond won't be making the cut for the 53-man roster. However, there's potential for Drummond to be integrated into the Lions' practice squad, given he clears waivers.
  3. Drummond's Determination: Despite grappling with injuries during his senior year at Eastern Michigan, Drummond displayed unwavering determination throughout training camp. Emphasizing his commitment to understanding the playbook and being in the right position, he remained confident in proving his worth in the NFL.
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Bottom Line: Drummond Came Up Just Short

Every season brings its share of heartbreaks and surprises, and this year, it's Dylan Drummond's unexpected cut from the initial 53-man roster. Though many had him penned in, the resilient Eastern Michigan standout finds himself on the outside looking in. Still, knowing Drummond's drive and the respect he's garnered in camp, don't be too shocked if we see him clawing his way back onto the Lions' turf, be it on the practice squad or, in due time, the main stage.