Detroit Lions Hint at Fun Plan for Dynamic Running Back Duo

Detroit Lions Hint at Fun Plan for Dynamic Running Back Duo.

Detroit Lions Hint at Fun Plan for Dynamic Running Back Duo

The Detroit Lions are poised for a strategic shift that could redefine their offensive playbook. As both David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs are back from their injuries, the Lions have a refreshing dilemma on their hands. Montgomery, after a full recovery from a rib injury, is ready to reclaim his role. However, Gibbs' recent surge, highlighted by a stunning 152-yard rushing performance against the Las Vegas Raiders, cannot be overlooked. This has presented the Lions with a unique opportunity to innovate their offensive scheme further.

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The Plan For Montomery and Gibbs

On Thursday, Detroit Lions offensive coordinator Ben Johnson spoke to the media and he noted that Montgomery and Gibbs will both get their fair share of touches

“We feel good about continuing to push the different schemes at him,” Johnson said this week. “He’s been effective inside the tackles, he’s not just a perimeter player like I think the narrative might be out there for him in the run game. And his route tree is still growing. Looking forward to getting him and Monty both their fair load of touches. They both have proven worthy of it.”

“Usually you want to get those 11 guys out on the field together as much as possible and I think both of those guys are within those top-11 players that we have on offense,” Johnson said. “So there’s a strong argument to get them both out there together more often.”

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions‘ top running backs, David Montgomery and Jahmyr Gibbs, are off the injury list and ready to contribute, with Montgomery returning to full practice and Gibbs leaving his hamstring issues behind.
  2. The Lions are exploring strategies to utilize both backs effectively, considering their recent individual successes, especially Gibbs' impressive 152-yard game against the Las Vegas Raiders.
  3. Offensive coordinator Ben Johnson is planning to balance the workload between the two backs, potentially increasing the use of 2 running back sets to leverage both players' abilities to run between the tackles and catch the ball, thereby creating a more versatile and unpredictable offense.
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Bottom Line – A Tale of Two Backs

As the Detroit Lions look to capitalize on the strengths of Montgomery and Gibbs, it's clear that the team's offensive identity may be on the cusp of an exciting transformation. This tactical move is not just about maximizing the talents of two athletes; it's about outmaneuvering the opposition and redefining what it means to have a dynamic offense in the NFL. Folks, buckle up because the Lions are about to have some fun!

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