Detroit Lions Inactives List for Week 11 Matchup vs. Chicago Bears

Detroit Lions Inactives List for Week 11 Matchup vs. Chicago Bears.

Detroit Lions Inactives List for Week 11 Matchup vs. Chicago Bears

In less than two hours, our 7-2 Detroit Lions will take the field against the last-place Chicago Bears at Ford Field. With a win, the Lions would not only move to 8-2 on the season, but they would keep pace with (and potentially gain ground on) the Philadelphia Eagles when it comes to the No. 1 seed in the NFC. Just moments ago, the Lions released their Inactives List for today's matchup against the Bears.

Detroit Lions Inactives List

Who Is Inactive for the Detroit Lions?

The Lions just released their Inactives List for today's divisional matchup against the Bears, and as you can see, they will be missing a couple of key players.

Next Man Up Approach

The Lions have been living by the Next Man Up approach for most of the 2023 season, and that will be no different in Week 11 when the Bears come to town. With Jonah Jackson OUT with an injury, it will likely be up to rookie Colby Sorsdal to step up and take the reins at left guard. In addition to Jackson being unavailable, DT Isaiah Buggs is also OUT with an illness. On Saturday, the Lions elevated a pair of players from their practice squad to replace Buggs and Jackson on the active roster.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Detroit Lions Eyeing a Key Win: The 7-2 Detroit Lions are poised to face the last-place Chicago Bears at Ford Field, eyeing a victory that could enhance their record to 8-2.
  2. Lions Release Inactives List: Moments ago, the Lions announced their Inactives List, indicating that they will be without some key players in this crucial divisional matchup against the Bears.
  3. Adapting with Next Man Up Strategy: The Lions continue to embrace their ‘Next Man Up' philosophy in the 2023 season. With Jonah Jackson out due to an injury, rookie Colby Sorsdal is expected to fill in at left guard.
Detroit Lions eligible to return Detroit Lions have a new starting 5

Bottom Line: Take Care of Business

The Detroit Lions, consistently adopting a resilient approach this season, are facing another test of their depth and adaptability against the Bears. Despite the absence of pivotal players like Jonah Jackson and Isaiah Buggs, the team’s ability to lean on its depth players and practice squad elevations has been a key factor in their successful campaign thus far. As they take the field, the Lions' adaptability and team cohesion will be critical in securing a win to strengthen their playoff positioning.

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