Detroit Lions: It is time

I can't recall a time in recent memory when Detroit Lions fans were this pent up – positively.

Our blood is rushing at lightspeed and our angst for the Monday Night Football game tonight against the Green Bay Packers can only be described as manic. But we're trying damned hard not to show it.

You see, the Lions have given us hope many times before only to leave us mangled and downtrodden crying in a corner as the rest of the NFL world laughs on. We don't trust the Lions and this season they tell us they're different than before.

But unlike previous declarations, they do actually seem different. More driven. Better prepared. Past traits such as lying down and taking a beating when things get heavy seems to have come and gone.

Through four games of the 2019 NFL season, the Detroit Lions are in a prime attacking position in the NFC North. This may be the most important Lions game of our lifetime.

The Lions need to win. And if they really want to start something they need to win decisively. The type of win that transforms the trajectory of a franchise. The absolute domination of Green Bay would just be euphoric.

The wait has been long enough. The large pride of Lions fans worldwide that have remained loyal throughout generations is ready. Absolutely and profoundly terrified – but beyond ready. Contrary to Hockeytown logos, Tigers lore and Pistons banners, Detroit is at heart a football town hungry as ever for a winning football team.

The time is now.