Detroit Lions LB Alex Anzalone played through 3 broken ribs vs. Rams, Buccaneers

Detroit Lions LB Alex Anzalone played through 3 broken ribs vs. Buccaneers.

Detroit Lions LB Alex Anzalone played through 3 broken ribs vs. Rams Buccaneers

Detroit Lions linebacker Alex Anzalone showcased exceptional resilience by playing through significant pain in the team's recent playoff victories. According to Dave Birkett of the Detroit Free Press, Anzalone fractured three ribs in the Lions' Week 18 victory over the Minnesota Vikings and continued to play in the subsequent two playoff games despite the injury.

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Why it Matters

This revelation underscores Anzalone's determination and toughness, qualities that embody the spirit of the Lions' defense. Anzalone's injury was not immediately identified after the Vikings game, leading to his continued participation without being listed on the injury report for the Rams game, where he briefly exited due to a shoulder injury.

TL;DR (too long didn't read)

  1. Alex Anzalone played with three fractured ribs sustained in Week 18.
  2. He was not initially diagnosed and played two playoff games with the injury.
  3. Anzalone also dealt with a sprained AC joint in his shoulder, adding to his challenges.
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The Bottom Line – A Lion's Heart

Alex Anzalone's dedication and toughness in the face of adversity are commendable traits that resonate deeply with the ethos of the Detroit Lions. His ability to push through pain and contribute significantly to the team's playoff performances exemplifies the kind of spirit and determination that is essential in high-stakes games. Anzalone's story is not just about his personal bravery; it reflects the collective resilience of a team that has shown remarkable strength and unity in pursuit of its goals.