Detroit Lions assistant talks about his coaching future

The Detroit Lions Assistant Will Be Ready When the Time Comes

Scottie Montgomery, the Detroit Lions’ assistant head coach and running backs coach, is no stranger to the hurdles and hopes that come with a career in NFL coaching. As he navigates the path toward his ultimate goal of becoming a head coach in the NFL, Montgomery recently shared insights into what he believes are crucial steps and the right environment needed to advance his career.

Detroit Lions assistant Scottie Montgomery Scottie Montgomery talks about his coaching future

Montgomery’s Path to Head Coaching

In a conversation with NFL Network’s Steve Wyche, Montgomery, who has previously held positions as a head coach and coordinator at the college level, discussed the remaining milestones on his journey to an NFL head coaching role.

“From a box standpoint, I think that a lot of us have great accolades and things that we’ve done, but the right situation and the right opportunity has to be presented. When that happens, I’ll be ready,” Montgomery explained.

He emphasized that the true measure of readiness extends beyond merely ticking off professional achievements.

The Importance of Environment and Opportunity

Montgomery also highlighted the importance of the environment and the people around a coach in determining the suitability of a head coaching opportunity.

“You have to go through a lot of different situations, whether they be great, whether they be not so great, but the opportunities are directly connected to the people that you’re around. So that opportunity sounds right for a lot of people because it’s a position, but really it’s the building, the room, the places, the opportunities, and people you get to be around,” he stated.

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TL;DR (too long didn’t read)

  1. NFL Coach Accelerator Program: Scottie Montgomery participates in the NFL Coach Accelerator program aimed at enhancing leadership skills and increasing the diversity of coaching candidates in the NFL.
  2. Criteria for Head Coaching: Montgomery discusses the importance of the right circumstances and opportunities for advancing to a head coach position, emphasizing that personal readiness and the right organizational environment are crucial.
  3. Significance of Environment: He highlights that the quality of opportunities is heavily influenced by the people and the organizational culture surrounding a coach, not just the position itself.

Bottom Line

Scottie Montgomery’s insights from the NFL Coach Accelerator program reflect a mature understanding of what it takes to climb the ranks in NFL coaching. It’s clear that for Montgomery, the path to becoming a head coach is not just about the role itself but finding the right fit within an organization that values and supports his vision and approach to football. As he continues to develop his skills and wait for the right opportunity, Montgomery remains a prominent figure to watch in the coaching circles of the NFL.

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